Roasted Sesame Dressing

September 25, 2023
Creamy, nutty, mildly sweet and umami. This easy roasted sesame dressing is fantastic to serve with crisp, crunchy Asian slaw or chicken salad!
sesame dressing recipe

Easy sesame dressing

This Japanese sesame dressing is made of ground-roasted sesame seeds, apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, oil, and sugar.
The taste is heavenly creamy, nutty with a tinge of sourness from apple cider vinegar and sweet.

Perfect dressing for Asian slaw or any crisp, crunchy salad or serve as a dip to Japanese deep-fried chicken, Chicken Karaage!

How to make Roasted sesame dressing?

A list of ingredients and methods of "How to" is in the recipe card below.

However, I will run through with this step by step photos (and tips if any)

Step 1: Sesame seeds

Pan roast sesame seeds until light brown in colour
Pan roast sesame seeds until light brown in colour.
Stir all time as sesame seeds are easily burnt.

roast sesame seeds
You can use tahini but I much prefer to roast sesame seeds.
Tahini gives a different flavor to the dish, in my humble opinion.
Let the sesame cool down before proceeding to the next steps.

Step 2: Making sesame dressing

roasted sesame seeds into a food processor.
Transfer pan roasted sesame seeds into a food processor.

Add light soy sauce.
Add light soy sauce.

Add apple cider vinegar.
Add apple cider vinegar.

Add cooking oil.
Add cooking oil.
Do not use olive oil for this.

Add sugar
Add sugar.
Add more if you prefer a 'sweeter' taste dressing.

Cover and Processed until smooth
Processed until smooth.

roasted sesame dressing to a bowl
Transfer roasted sesame dressing to a bowl

Add a dash of sesame oil.
Add a dash of sesame oil.
Stir before serving.

Step 3: Fresh and crisp vegetables for Asian slaw

Thinly sliced Lebanese cucumber
Thinly sliced Lebanese cucumber (or use any type of cucumber).
I used Lebanese cucumber as it is sweet and stay crisp for longer.

Sliced cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes.

Thinly cut red cabbage.
Thinly cut red cabbage.

I use red cabbage for colour (and it was cheaper at the time of making this post).
And I strongly suggest use peeler for even thickness rather than cutting the cabbage with knife.
Red cabbage has slight bitter taste compare to white cabbage.

salad plate in layer
Arrange your salad plate in layer, start with baby spinach, cucumber, red cabbage and tomatoes.

drizzle dressing on to the  salad plate.
Mix well the sesame oil with the dressing, and drizzle on to crisp vegetable on the salad plate.

Sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds
Sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds for that extra flavour and crunch!

creamy sesame dressing recipe
A plate of Asian slaw with roasted sesame seeds dressing.

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FAQ on Roasted sesame dressing

How long can I keep this roasted sesame dressing for?

This creamy sesame dressing is best to consume within 3 days.

How do I store this dressing?

Store this sesame dressing in an airtight container.
Best keep any leftover refrigerated.

Can I make this dressing in advance?

Yes you can prepare pan-roasting sesame seeds a day earlier, giving plenty of time for the roasted sesame to cool down.
However, do keep them in an air-tight container.

You can make the dressing on the day or make it a day earlier.
If kept in the refrigerator, the dressing might become thicker, do take the sesame dressing at least 2 hours prior to serving.

Best serve at room temperature.

roasted sesame dressing

A quick video on How to make Roasted sesame dressing

Posted on 9th March 2011

You can tell that our air conditioner has yet to be fixed... I am posting salad again...
Just 2 more sleeps and hopefully everything will be "peachy rosy" again...

This salad was prepared by Mr H, I'm only the photographer and the story-teller for this post.
In order to pay for his upkeep as a student decades ago, 25 years to be exact, Mr H worked in various places during his 7 years in Sydney.

He once worked in a Japanese Restaurant as a kitchen hand.
This was where he learned to chop everything 'Japanese'~ finely, thinly, and evenly.
I am nowhere near as good as him... when it comes to handling sharp knives!!!
His all-time favourite was Salad with Sesame Soy Dressing.

In his 'reminiscing mood', he recreated 'almost' similar to the ones served in that particular Japanese Restaurant.
I take his word for it...hehehe
I love the crunch of the vegetables, and the creamy taste of sesame dressing with a tinge of sour, sweet, and salty...

 The salad is a hit with Mr H Jr and Miss E considering~ one doesn't like carrots or cabbage and the other is fussy with everything other than chocolate!!!


  1. A perfect summer salad. Light and bright.

  2. I've been drooling for something fresh lately... I especially like the idea of the dressing.

  3. Oh! This salad looks so tasty, so refreshing, love the dressing :-)

  4. Gourmantine,
    it is fresh and nice ... perfect for summer :)

  5. Juliana,
    The star of this salad is the dressing :D

  6. A simple but very fresh and delicious salad with an unique dressing.

  7. One of my favorite dressing recently is miso + sesame oil! Love your simple refreshing salad!

  8. tigerfish,
    Miso and sesame sounds great... you are very creative :)

  9. That looks so yummy and fresh!