Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup

February 16, 2012

Smooth and silky Chicken Sweetcorn Soup.
A definite all time comfort food. It is easy to whip up using either left over roast chicken or fresh chicken.

chicken and corn soup

A bowl of chicken and sweetcorn soup

Soup is usually my comfort food especially in the cooler months.

This bowl of Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup is pure comfort food and it is super delicious.

Further more, this sweet corn chicken soup is very easy to cook!

Homemade chicken sweetcorn soup

If you have tried a bowl of Chinese takeaway chicken and sweetcorn soup, then you might want to give this recipe a try!

This chicken soup recipe is as good as your neighbourhood Chinese Takeaway shop, or even better!

This recipe was featured in Pure Wow 50 Best chicken soup recipes
chicken corn soup chinese

How to make Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup?

Chicken sweetcorn soup is easy to make.

For ease, I posted photos below, show casing on how easy it is to cook this chicken and corn soup.

There is a video on "How To make Chicken
Sweetcorn Soup" just above the recipe card, for your easy reference.

Easy and simple steps to make delicious Chinese chicken and Sweetcorn soup.
1. Bring a pot of water to boil

2. Add chicken breast

3. Add a knob of smash ginger

4. Remove chicken to cold water

5. Shred the chicken 

6. Add canned cream corn to the pot

7. Add shredded chicken to the soup

8. Add corn flour mixed with water. This mixture will thicken your soup, giving it a smooth silky taste

9. Add lightly beaten eggs

10. Seasoned with salt and pepper

11. Add a dash of sesame oil

How to serve chicken sweetcorn soup?

You can serve this a starter in a formal sit-down meal or do as we love to do at home, have our sweetcorn chicken soup with steamed rice.

Another alternative is having your sweet corn and chicken soup in a cup or thermos as a winter warmer

Can I use Roasted chicken for my soup?

Definitely a good alternative to use roasted chicken.

The rest of my family prefer leftover roasted chicken in their soup, but I always loves fresh chicken in my soup.

It has a clean taste to it.

How Long can I keep this chicken sweetcorn soup for?

Any leftover soup can be kept in the fridge for at least 3 days.

Can you re heat chicken and sweetcorn soup?

It is a MUST to reheat the soup before consuming.

This sweet corn and chicken soup will turn gluggy, once refrigerated.
Not a delicious sight to look at a "gluggy" bowl of soup.

And do note that the soup will lost its silky-ness when you re-heat.

It is due to the corn flour mixture that we added earlier.
Some chemical changes happened upon re-heating.

Can I cook chicken sweet corn soup in a slow cooker?

Yes, you can.
Use other part of chicken, just not breast

Authentic Chinese chicken and sweetcorn soup

Soup as Comfort food 

Life is too short, hence need not be complicated as making this delicious bowl of Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup.

This my family favourite soup, our comfort food, especially during cold wintry days.
Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup is so easy to make.

From stove to table within 15 minutes.

It can be prepared using either left over roast chicken or fresh chicken, and use either fresh corns or canned creamed corn.

A pot of comforting Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup can be served with steam rice.

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Smooth Silky chicken sweetcorn soup use either fresh chicken breast for healthier option or use leftover roast chicken, either fresh corns or canned creamed corn. From stove to table in less than 15 minutes

Old post write up that I would love to read and reminisce, reflex my feeling and thoughts at the very moment i wrote this post:)

Some rantings :P....

Excuse my rantings!
My blog is my outlet to voice out my frustrations...

I just couldn't believe it that I am already into my 4th year of blogging...

When I first started out, I set myself a 'Target' of 3 posts per week; Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
And it has to be one of each; Western , Asian and Dessert respectively.
I was cooking and cooking and cooking then big chunk of time was trying to photograph the dish.

I was THAT ridiculous!
I had more than 100 posts waiting in the 'Draft' folder at one time.
It was exhausting.
Blogging consumed me.
My hobby, my passion has become my obsession!

I eat Blog, sleep Blog and everything Blog.
Hubby often said 'It doesn't matter if you are not able to post on time' !
I turned a deaf ear!
Then when I discovered webpages that display foodies' photos, I was again excited and joined in the bandwagon and submitted mine.
I was overjoyed whenever my submissions were accepted and I get very upset, if its otherwise.
I had time re-assess, re-evaluate (late last year).
H is RIGHT,  it does NOT matter if I don't post on time, it does NOT matter if Foodgawker or Tastespotting reject my photos...

Life is too short to dwell on negative issues.

Friends in this virtual kitchen

I've learned heaps and 'met' wonderful individuals from every corner of the earth that I called friends now
I will still carry on BLOGging.
I am still having fun.
Sometimes I just have to STOP!
Look BACK, something wonderful and beautiful is just waiting to be discovered.


  1. This soup reminds me of summer -- beautiful styling and colors!!

    It's ok to not post once in a while. Don't feel bad about it. Life is too short :)

  2. That is EXACTLY how I felt when I first started too. Constantly checkign stats, emails and seeing how many people had commented. Now I am much more relaxed and it helps that I have 2 children who keep me busy! Wonderful soup and congrats on 4 years!!

  3. Congrats on the 4 years and to many more!

    Yes, like you, I am obssessed by my blog and so upset when my pictures get rejected... Now, I've learnt how to relativize! ;-P

    That soup looks amazing!



  4. So you start your day before 5:30 : )?
    Ever heard that many successful people have one thing in common - short sleeps and working early?
    Anyway, enjoy your rhythm in blogging!

  5. Amazing photos and delicious soup!
    Perfect for these cold days ;-)

  6. This is just what I need to get me over the mid-February slump! Great photos.

  7. Lisa,

    I also felt the same when FG rejected my pics. To date, I have 60+ rejected pics, and 24 accepted ones. Hihi

    I used to think blog 24/7.. but not anymore.. it's not an obligation..i decided to become a full time mom and a part time blogger..

  8. I used to be quite obsessed with blogging when I just started. I recall working on some simple basic coding till 2am!

    Now I have taken it easy and really, I enjoy it more when I take it easy.

    Hope you do too :D

  9. Hi Lisa,

    First of all, congratulations on your 4th year of blogging! WOW! You are amazing. I don't think I know many bloggers who have that long history and you are definitely my senior blogger friend. That's why I appreciate your story even more. I actually encountered several posts like yours, senior bloggers talking about life and blogging when I was going through almost 1st year anniversary. It helped me a lot. I didn't have to guess or imagine what it's like. Someone already experienced and talked about it. I was lucky enough to slow down from my second year a bit, so that I can have a balanced life and learned the importance of off-line time. Like Tigerfish, I spent my late nights on blogging (just like her, 2am!), but I'm in a better place now. Maybe not perfect, but at least some balance. So, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    My son has been asking corn soup for almost a month. I was going to make Western corn soup, but I changed my mind. This is similar to what I make, but I never added roasted chicken. It will only deepen the flavor. Nice idea!

  10. I guess we are all consumed by the blogging bug especially in the early days. I am still learning to let go and I have missed my schedules. Not as hung up anymore when pictures get rejected by FG or TS. Gotta move on.

    The corn soup looks good! Love that it is so simple to make.

  11. Kiran
    Thank you... :D

    Thanks for sharing... and I thought it was affecting me only

    agree Rosa.. have to learn to let go :D

    I start my day at 5am :)
    but.... I sleep early too ... will be snoring by 10pm :P


    Thank you

    Ribbon Clown
    Sounds like me... got excited when I first started but now... nak slow down so I could write and present...better

    coding until 2am??? wow that is something... I can never pass 10pm
    Yes I am from now.. Thank you :D

    LOL... I am a 'nearly there' senior (agewise)hehehe

    You are full of energy, staying up late and with 2 children to look after. I would have been 'deflated' by evening 8pm :D

    Thanks Nami, for words of encouragement. Much appreciated

    I am not least I thought I was
    Thanks Biren :D

    Thank you :)

  12. This looks sooo good! How many servings would you say this is?

  13. That looks so bright and the color is gorgeous. I too am obsessed with blogging and i can totally understand what you mean :)

  14. lyndopo
    about 8-10 serving dependig on the size of the bowl

    Thanks Dear :D

  15. One of my favourite soup ever!

  16. I think the more we think the more we stress out and it takes the joy out of blogging. Relax and enjoy and do not worry about anything at all. It has become a stress buster for me (tho' the photography part still stresses me out- but it makes me learn). I LOVE this soup, simply love it. The Indo - Chinese cuisine has a very similar soup, almost exact and it is my very favorite.have to make this soon.

  17. Congrats on your 4th year! What you described sounds like what I went through too, but ever starting work and all, I've definitely left my blog out a little, although I still bake and derive happiness from it. This soup is perhaps one of my favorite soups because of the chicken and sweetcorn! Shall remind my mom to make it for me ;p

  18. Thank you for posting this chicken and sweet corn recipe. This could be a great treat for any meal.

  19. Anh
    ours too :D

    I am taking it easy now :)

    Thank you dear... :)

    England furniture

  20. First of all, lemme wish your blog...HappY 3rd Blogoversary! Your space is looking so cool with beautiful! ;)

    Pass me the bowl please...

  21. Yum yum sweet corn soup! Good old favourite ;)

  22. I love this soup. We love having it with a splash of green chili infused vinegar, so yum! You are doing something amazing on your blog :-) Never stop!

  23. Congrats on making it into the 4th year,Lisa ! I was like you in the beginning but still my pace is low,about 4 posts per month,both kids occupying most of my time.It has become even slower now,this I'm saying after just 7 month of blogging.I'll keep on blogging as it's my hobby and passion but will not let it complicate my life.
    Sweet corn chicken soup is my family's favorite.

  24. Omg... I don't think a Malaysian childhood is complete without the Creamed Corn soup growing up haha! LOVE THIS. This soup tastes just as awesome as ever. But believe it or not, I've never actually had it with chicken. Great way to use my leftover chicken. I'm going to go out to buy a can of creamed corn after this, seriously! Haven't had this in ages and I miss it hehe

  25. Love2Cook
    Thanks Love :D


    Thank you :)

    Love and other spices
    Editing and typing takes a big chunk of my time (I type with 2 fingers :))
    Thanks Love :D

    Happy trying :D

  26. Dear Lisa,

    This soup looks delicious although I'm not sure why my family never quite had this soup when I was younger.

    I remember those bowls when growing up. They are big, sturdy and thick unlike the newer ones today.

  27. Came here after reading Sylvia of Peaches & Donuts' Corn Soup. Love your version with the egg. When I read the Maggi cube in the ingredient, my first thought is Lisa must be Malaysian :)

    I can't help & smile when I read about your blogging experience.. everything you wrote is just like what I'm doing now.. cook cook cook, click click click. My blog is just a few months old, and I eat, sleep, breath even dream blogging! It's amazing how it consumes us food bloggers! I've never experienced anything like this with other parts of my life.. does that mean it's my ultimate passion? hope to find my answer soon!

  28. Shannon,
    LOL... we cant live without our good ole Maggi cube, eh ;P

    Have fun in blogverse :D

  29. Hi....I'm new to cooking soups - I am not familiar with Maggi cubes - can I substitute chicken bullion cubes instead? If i can, are there other ingredients I can add to compensate for some lacking flavor in the difference?


  30. Hi...i tried this recipes before, but I can't make the eggs looks like in your photos. My soup not clear like that because it mix with the eggs. But the taste is still delicious, thanks for that. :)
    Anyway, could you tell me the process you do when you pour the eggs in? Thank you..

    1. Hi Prisilla
      Pour the beaten egg in a small stream as possible into a boiling hot soup. Pour around the pot ie not staying or pouring in one spot. Leave it to cook for a minute or two before stirring or alternative, use fork: scoop the egg (which will not be much) and drizzle around the pot over boiling soup
      Hope this help :)

  31. How many servings does this recipe make?