Vegetable Masala Stir-Fry

December 09, 2010
Vegetable Masala Stir-Fry

What is 'Stir-Fry'? Stir-Fry according to Wikipedia
(I'll cut and paste  ... save you the trouble of clicking to open up wikipedia page... and my post will not look so short... )

Stir-Fry always relate to Chinese cooking... (as per Wikipedia above). And in Chinese Stir-Fry... garlic is most commonly used together with Oyster Sauce, Light Soy Sauce...
Stir frying is an umbrella term used to describe two techniques for cooking food in a wok while stirring it: chǎo (炒) and bào (爆). The term stir-fry was introduced into the English language by Buwei Yang Chao, in her book How to Cook and Eat in Chinese, to describe the chǎo technique.[1][2] The two techniques differ in their speed of execution, the amount of heat used, and the amount of tossing done to cook the food in the wok. Cantonese restaurant patrons judge a chef's ability to perform stir frying by the "wok hei" produced in the food. This in turn is believed to display their ability to bring out the qi of the wok.

And in Indian cooking~ The most common ingredients are garlic, ginger, chilli, tumeric... otherwise known as Four Spice.

I based my stir-fry on Indian cooking using the Four Spice (without chilli ~ as Miss You Know Who can't take chilli!!) and the 1 of the 2 spices that I love to use ~ Cumin seeds ...


cauliflower - cut into small florets and microwave (to half cooked it)
5 baby leeks - thinly sliced
2 garlic -pounded
20cm ginger - pounded
1 teaspoon of ground tumeric
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
  1. Saute the pounded garlic, tumeric and ginger with cumin seeds until fragrant.
  2. Add in thinly sliced leeks. Stir until leeks slightly cooked
  3. Add in cauliflower. Keep on stirring.
  4. Season with salt.


  1. Woo hoo...I like this cos I have cooked it before and know it's tasty! Love Indian spices.

  2. This looks light, healthy yet very flavourful.

  3. Sedap nampak Cik Lisa.
    Eh, Miss E tak boleh makan cili? So, gimana? Selalu buat yang separate ke?
    Monsieur I pun tak boleh makan cili, so I selalu half-kan whatever I masak (depending on the dish la kan...) then I punya tambak cili kuat.. LOL

  4. Angie,
    Love cumin... it brings out the flavour in any dish :)

  5. Cik Leemei,
    Miss E tu either perasan dia 'ang-mo' but I think ... its the Chinese in her :). Kalau makan pedas ... habis ber gallon-gallon air :)

  6. Dimah,
    A brilliant partner to spiced fsh curry (my next post...) :D

  7. Lisa,
    I think it's the Chinese in her.... pak I dulu tak boleh makan cili.. sikit sikit sudah berpeluh... tapi.. lepas bertahun tahun of training... ehhhh.. sekarang ni, makan cili padi cam pro je. hahahah