Garam Belacan

February 22, 2009
Not only Ang Moh has 'dips.'..'Malay' pun ada

My dear friend, Janet gave me some jambu air (bell fruit) the thought of garam belacan (kampong dip) came to mind......

I remembered when I was much.. much... younger then, during mango season... the girls in my family would love to sit around in the afternoon, savouring... young mangoes with 'garam belacan' (Northern slang). We would pound some chillies (the hotter the better!), sugar, otak udang (or petis to the southerners) and belacan. Then we'll add kicap manis.... then it was like......hmmmmm, it is just like the Ang Moh's 'dips'.. you dip the sliced sour young mangoes into this 'garam belacan'....

garam belacan
This is a simplified version of the one we could get from Alor Setar Pekan Rabu (market).

  • 4 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon otak udang or petis (optional: belacan if there is no otak udang)
  • kicap manis
  • blended chili - start with 1 tablespoon (add more chilli if you wish to experience a buzzing head!!)
  • coarsely grounded peanuts
Add all the above (except the peanuts) in a microwaveable bowl. Cook on HIGH for 1 1/2 minutes. Give a good stir. Lastly add peanuts....
It may not be the same as 'my Pekan Rabu' garam belacan...but its enough to bring back that nostalgic feeling....


  1. OMG you can even find jambu air here! What a treat to dip in that garam belacan.

  2. And its in season now... fr Janet's neighbour, he grows all kind of veg.. even pokok pandan pun ada!!