Homemade Lotus Paste

September 17, 2020

Lotus seed paste is commonly used in Chinese and Japanese dessert.
Lotus paste makes a good filling for steamed buns, pancakes and mooncakes. 

Homemade lotus paste

What is Lotus Seed Paste

Have you tried making lotus paste instead of buying the ready made, packet lotus paste?

Making my own lotus paste is so satisfying, healthier and I can control the amount of sugar in the paste.
I am sure, we are well aware that any thing store bought will be much sweeter, much oil used and definitely there will some preservatives used. 

Raw lotus seeds can be expensive (Well, it is expensive in Australia, $4.80 per 100g). 
Commercial lotus paste may not contain 100 percent lotus seeds. 

I am not saying it is, but some other bean paste may be used as filler to make up the bulk of the store bought "lotus" paste

Homemade lotus seeds paste

What Does Lotus Paste Taste like?

Lotus paste on its own has no distinct taste, apart from the creaminess of the processed, cooked seeds. That is why caramelised sugar is added to make it sweet and bring out its richness.

How To Make Lotus Paste?

List of ingredients, method and a quick video are at the end of this post. Anyhow, these series of photos will give you a quick insight on How to make lotus paste.

1. Raw Lotus seeds
raw lotus seeds
2. Wash and soak Wash and soak lotus seeds

3. Remove the green core (note: this will make lotus paste has bitter after taste) Remove the green heart in lotus seeds
4. Boil till soft Boil lotus seeds
5. Processed to a smooth paste Processed lotus seeds into a paste
6. Transfer to heavy based pan. The next few photos will show how to cook lotus paste till you are able to 'ball' it
Add oil to a heavy based pan Heat oil in a heavy based pan Fry and caramelised sugar
Add blended lotus paste
Add honey to lotus paste
Add corn starch
Cook lotus paste until able to roll into a ball
7. Lotus paste is ready when you are able to roll into a ball (Be extra careful, the paste is very hot!)
Lotus paste for moon cakes

Note that I used honey instead of the traditional Maltose in my lotus paste.

How to Store Lotus paste?

Let lotus paste cool down completely prior to using to fill up moon cakes or steamed buns.&nbsp
Store the paste in an airtight container. 

This lotus paste can keep for at least 3 days in the pantry. 
You can refrigerate once you are done baking moon cake, otherwise the oil in the paste will harden and difficult to roll into a ball.

Keep refrigerated for about a week. Keep in an airtight container and freeze for about 3 months

How to make lotus seeds paste

Other uses for Lotus Paste

Lotus paste is generally used for mooncakes.
Few will used lotus paste for steamed buns because of how expensive the lotus seeds are!

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Easy homemade lotus paste

Video on How to make Lotus paste

Lotus seed paste is commonly used in Chinese and Japanese dessert. Lotus paste makes a good filling for steamed buns, pancakes and mooncakes.