Penang Asam Laksa

February 13, 2018
Rice Noodles in Asian Fish Soup / Asam Laksa
Rice noodles serves in sour, tangy and spicy fish soup, topped with fresh crisp vegetables.

Rice Noodles in Asian Fish Soup photo
Hi ya,
We are only into our second month of 2018, but so much happening in my life!
I am going to side track .. just a teeny weeny bit, I promise, before we do "Food Talk", a little update of whats happening! and why I am a little quiet in my virtual kitchen.

Did I mention that I had bad 'food poisoning' when I was in KL?

Perhaps I did my rantings either on my Insta story or on my facebook page...

Ever since then, I didn't feel good, especially my abdominal region, as before. Felt uncomfortable, gastro-like pain comes and goes, constantly feeling bloated.
I blamed it on that KL bad food poisoning experience and the continuous "Tummy -Bug" kept on bugging me.

I planned to see my GP in a week or two, its not like its life threatening, I mean, I could still function as I would normally do daily, except that nagging discomfort!
But daughter and hubs, persisted and insisted that I go see the doctor asap.

So I went... to see my GP.
Doctor of not many words, he wrote a quick note and told me to go to Emergency Department as soon as I possibly can.
Suspected Appendicitis!!!

Longest wait ever in my life, to know what was happening as well as physically waiting in Emergency ward to get some answers!!!
I was waiting in the Emergency Department from 4 pm, got a bed by 6pm and finally admitted to ward by 12 midnight.

Doctors came and went, checked, thumped and pressed my right side... still they were not sure.
I was poked and prodded (like a piece of meat *not very happy*),  being jabbed 6 times, to set up a cannula.
Blood drawn, went under CT scan ... and the works, and yet not conclusive enough!

I did not show any symptoms of having Appendicitis, no vomiting, no fever, no loss of appetite, no diarrhoea ... (except when my right side tummy was pressed!!).

At 3 am, a doctor came by my room (I wish that doctor had more sense that to disturb a sleeping patient), just  to tell me..."yeah... its appendicitis!"

At 2.30 pm the next day... I went into La La Land ....

My harrowing hospital experience by far!!! but ... I count my blessings and I thanked GOD ,الحَمْدُ ِلله' for sparing me the excruciating pain that usually comes before appendectomy!

Penang Asam laksa image
Rice Noodles in Asian Fish Soup or famously known as Asam Laksa in Malaysia, was the last dish I photographed and wanted to share on my blog.

I was about to do my second trial of making Rice Noodles at home, follow by a quick "How To" video, before I was sent off to rest for another week or so.

So... my precious, that will have to wait. I will do another post on homemade rice noodles. Promise :D

Homemade Rice Noodles image

But if you don't have or cannot find any rice noodles (they usually comes in dried form in a packet, hence you have to soak and boil the noodles to make it plump again) in the nearest Asian grocer near you, I suggest to substitute rice noodles with spaghetti.

You will get use to the the taste... well, we did :D.

Asam laksa photo

So what is Asam Laksa?

A question you might have if you are not familiar with Malaysian/ Asian food.

Asam is a Malay word, means Sour.

Laksa is another Malay word ~ mean having noodles in some kind of broth.
Broth/ soup can be either fish based (like this one), chicken based with creamy curry or simply coconut cream based.
When we talked about Asam Laksa, we meant this Rice Noodles in Asian Fish Soup.

Rice Noodles in Asian Fish Soup / Asam Laksa originates from northern part of Malaysia; Perlis, Kedah and Penang.
Even the Rice Noodles in Asian Fish Soup / Asam Laksa varies from states to states. There are thin soup based with finely minced fish meats (Kedah and Perlis), some served with boiled eggs, and some served its soup thick and with black prawn paste / har goh / otak udang (Penang).

This Rice Noodles in Asian Fish Soup / Asam Laksa post I am sharing is from Penang.

Its hub's family secret recipe .. . shhhh🙊 ......from my late mother-in-law :D

He has cooked this umpteenth time, and everyone just loved his Rice Noodles in Asian Fish Soup / Asam Laksa.
I know the portion given in the recipe below seems huge and can feed an army, but we love our Rice Noodles in Asian Fish Soup / Asam Laksa and don't mind having it for days!

Anyway, I did freeze half of the broth. Will update on the taste (if there is any changes) after the second time re-heating!

Pardon my  Rice Noodles in Asian Fish Soup / Asam Laksa photos... they are lacking the black prawn paste/ har goh/ otak udang that goes with Penang asam laksa.

Did not keep a bottle plus I am not used to the taste :)

Asian fish soup serve with rice noodles image

I end my lengthy post with with greetings to my beloved families, friends and readers

🐶 Have a prosperous Lunar New Year 🐶

Asam laksa recipe

Rice noodles in Asian Fish Soup recipe


  1. Rice Noodles in fish soup using healthy ingredients.. thanks for sharing


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