Beef and Cencalok (Pickled Shrimps) Stir-fry

January 30, 2018
A quick Beef and pickled shrimps stir-fry using fermented or pickled shrimps known as cencalok.

Beef and Pickled Shrimps Stir-fry photo

Happy New Year everyone...

I do apologise for the long un-intended absence. I was supposed to be back on blogging, rejuvenated and motivated after our 2 weeks break!

However, that did not happen!

First task that was waiting for me once we reached home sweet home was to UNPACK!
Then, I was busy cleaning the house inside out!
Then I was occupied with my son leaving home....*insert : MOM crying buckets here* Now I know how my mom felt when I left home!
The housework, the shopping for my son, sadness... left me with little energy to even pick up my camera.

Told myself that I must get started or else....

Pickled shrimps/ cencalok photo

Beef and pickled shrimps stir-fry with some bird's eye chillies added, was all I needed to start.
Easy to cook and its spicy :D

Pickled shrimps or fermented shrimps or in Malaysia its known as Cencalok (Cinchalok) originated from Malacca.
Malacca is about 2 hours drive along the highway, south of Kuala Lumpur.

What is Cencalok?

Cencalok is made of krill or small shrimps (udang geragau), mixed with rice and salt and left to ferment in capped glass bottles.

Therefore, be extra careful when uncapping, uncap a little at a time to release the pressure.
I had a major kitchen cleaning up, with my first bottle of cencalok. It spewed everywhere... on ceiling, on kitchen benchtop, on the floor, in the sink and on ME!

The credit for this Beef and pickled shrimps stir-fry dish, goes to hubby.
He was working in a Chinese restaurant in Sydney, some 30 years ago, to support his 'student life' living expenses.

I wonder if it was cencalok that was used in the stir-fry or they have something similar in Hong Kong?

Resipi Daging goreng cencalok

A quick beef stir fry using fermented or pickled shrimps known as cencalok.


  1. Oh yum! The flavors here sound amazing! I love the pickled shrimp, what great flavor.


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