Crispy Sweet Potato Skins

January 10, 2017
Baked and not fried crispy sweet potato skins.
Sweet potato chips

Sweet potato... one of many versatile tubers :D

We can eat the plant from root to shoot :D
Sweet potato young shoots,  will make delicious stir-fry with just garlic and salt. Click on the photo to take you to the recipe. Serve with hot steaming rice with a dash of white pepper.

Its quick, easy stir fry and full of fibres.

Then its the sweet potato flesh!
We can use the soft sweet flesh for dessert like Sweet potato Pecan pie (previous post), Sweet potato doughnuts or make some spicy deep fried dumplings ... or mash them to be added to soups.

Sweet Potato Pecan Pie
Finally... Sweet potato skins!

Turn them into crisps. These crisps sweet potato skins makes an excellent finger food and perfect pair for any dips.

But don't forget to scrub them off thoroughly before roasting them!

We do not wish to bite into tiny gritty sand particles, do we :P

Sweet Potato Skins chips


  1. Such a fun and delicious recipe! I will have to try it next time when I have some sweet potato skins.

  2. I clicked on sweet potato skins, now i'm drooling over sweet potato pecan pie. I'm sooooo conflicted


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