Kuih Lompang (Kuih Kaswi) Lemak Manis

November 07, 2015
Kuih Lompang/ Kuih Kosui/ Steamed Rice Cakes, gluten-free Malaysian steam cakes served with slightly salted desiccated coconut.

Kuih Kosui

I am slowly getting into the mood again.

After the 2 weeks break, I find it difficult to get into the mood to blog. So pardon me if my post seems shorter than usual. 

Chinese Tea cups

Steamed Rice Cakes in steamer

Before I put my fingers to rest (as they are getting clumsier on keyboards).
I bring you this Malaysian favourite afternoon delight called kuih lompang (steamed rice cakes).

As I hailed from the northern part of Malaysia, dark brown sugar syrup are used in our steamed rice cakes, whereas other part of Malaysia will use pandan extract and will be green in colour (of course ;p)

Hopefully next week, my mojo will return and I’ll write a post of my trip home.
Till then.... take care :D


  1. Gorgeous pics, mouthwatering sweets, thanks for sharing.

  2. I have always wanted to make this kuih however the last time I made it didn't turn out well. It was just too gluey and I couldn't unmould it nicely. I shall give your recipe a go soon. Love the idea of omitting alkaline water in this kuih. Thanks for sharing.

  3. They look so beautiful, Lisa. I love that you have made these in the small tea cups..so gorgeous!