Mango Ice-cream with yoghurt

February 13, 2016
Easy to make mango and yogurt ice cream without an ice cream maker!

Mango fool

Mango Fool Popsicle... Another of my 'What I did with mango' ...

Mango season was short but intense this year, and summer is still here but no sight of mangoes anymore *sad face*... well not really, I lied :(

I still could find mangoes but not at THAT rock-bottom price.
I'd rather NOT eat mangoes, for one mango could cost me 300% to 600% of what I used to pay! Ridiculous? definitely :)

So here goes, Mango Fool Popsicle to wrap up my summer pleasure.

mango popsicle


  1. Oh can I have one, please?!



  2. One day I will get on the popsicle craze. Yours look delicious.

  3. Ooooh these look so tasty! They will be perfect for the spring :)

  4. Mango popsicles? This sounds too good to be true!! Thanks for sharing:)

    Sam | Ahead of Thyme

  5. Totally getting hungry just looking at this. I want to reach into the screen and grab the mango pop! Totally loving these pops, by the way ;)

  6. Gorgeous pictures! Dreamy... I m so ready for spring and summer to be here!


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