Korean Beef Bulgogi Stir-fry

February 27, 2016
Bulgogi Beef Stir-fry, juicy succulent beef, excellent with hot steam rice

Beef Cuts

How well do you know your beef cuts???

I only knew two cuts...back then: cheap cuts and expensive cuts.
The cheap cuts are full of fat, and tendons, and mom would use them for curries.

We rarely buy the expensive cuts 'batang pinang' / sirloin, locals recommend this cut for rendang. I knew nothing in between, I guessed it was easy for my simple mind at that time.

We never complained, DARE NOT complain!!! whether the food is nice or otherwise... beef is tough or dry!! we just eat to fill the stomach.

Complain?... you'd go hungry and there was no way(and no money:(  too)to go out and buy outside food.

Bulgogi Beef Stir Fry

I still didn't know my cuts well enough when I was living on my own. Sometimes, the cooked beef tasted 'dry' and many times my beef dish was tough (list).

It's the case of~ "live with it" and I thought that was normal :D.

Bulgogi Beef Stir Fry

...until I came here...

I was overwhelmed with the huge range of cuts, on display at the butcher. Through the years, I got to know my cuts well enough to know that one should not use sirloin / batang pinang to cook rendang ;)...  and our favourite cut for BBQ will definitely be eye fillet (nothing less ;P)

Bulgogi Beef Stir Fry

I used rump steak for this dish, you need to mallet it down as thin as possible and thinly slice it for a quick stir-fry.


  1. Delicious and healthy!



  2. Great info about the cuts of meat. This looks great!!

  3. I remember learning the different cuts of meat - they all had different names where I had moved than where I grew up, and I was totally confused! And it really does matter to use the right ones, doesn't it?

    Speaking of which - I have some of the right beef for this... and that just might be tomorrow's dinner. Looks delicious!

    1. Thank you Anne.
      I agree with you... its totally mind boggling with beef cuts ;P. I once used rump steak to cook curry, cooked for 40 minutes and it turned out dry, card board taste like :( ..never again!

  4. I think putting meat in the cheap and expensive cut group is actually quite good, it really sums up what you can do with those cuts, low slow cooking or quicker cooking. Love the look of your bulgogi.

  5. I am a terrible cooker of beef but this looks so good! Pinned to try...must conquer fear of beef! :)

  6. Looks nice! Do you mix the cornstarch with some water before adding it?

    1. Thank you Barbara, and yes I did mix cornstarch with 1 tablespoon water :D

  7. This sounds amazing! I still struggle with beef cuts. But that's because I migrate toward cheaper cuts (i.e. sirloin instead of ribeye or tenderloin) that just aren't right for the dishes I am making. I need to get over my cheapness! I have learned that the cuts of beef make a HUGE difference in the quality of your dish!


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