Lime and Basil Sorbet

December 12, 2015
Smooth almost creamy Lime and basil sorbet perfect to quench parch throat during hot summer days.
Lime and Basil Sorbet
Lime and Basil Sorbet

It was our first time visiting/venturing out to the countryside.
If not for our father-in-law visiting at that time, we would not driven all the way out to the countryside... always thinking that 'Ahhh it will still be there...why to hurry', which is true...

Lower Chittering and its Festival will still be happening at about the same time every year but we...
We might not be!!!

What an intro to my post... I do apologize

Lower Chittering Festival

Lower Chittering is about an hour's drive away, a journey through meandering through hilly country roads.
Since it was still Spring, the weather was excellent with blue sky, cool breeze, and very scenic.
Green landscape as far as the eyes can see with some wildflowers blooming near and far.

Spotted a few lonesome trees.. an excellent photography spot to catch either sunrise or sunset.

Lower Chittering Festival

It was a picturesque drive, all the way to the festival ground, like the photo (below).

The photo reminded me of a book about 3 gnomes' journey, out of their comfort zone, to look for their missing brother. I am sure most (especially my fellow readers residing in the UK) must have read this classic book in school.

Lower Chittering
"The Little Grey Men by B.B", is the title of the book, first published in 1942.

I could almost see Dodder, Baldmoney, and Sneezewort catching little fish for supper and camping along the banks, resting before continuing their journey in search of their brother Cloudberry...

Could you see them in the photo below??? ;P

Maybe if we reduce the Aussie sun glare a few notchs down...perhaps they are there.... somewhere

Lower Chittering

Let us leave the grey men be... there at Lower Chittering Creek for now.

Taste of Chittering ~ is a community fair that displays and sells fresh produce.
This was where, for the first time I laid my eyes on a fruit called Kiwano, with its interesting features, interesting texture, and taste. My daughter was sold when she saw the fruit... (and so was I).

Kiwano / Horned melon
Lower Chittering is known for its sweet juicy oranges and other fresh produce.

No festival is complete without displaying locally made jam, preserve, fudge, and among many stalls... there was one stall where kids and adults would stand in a long queue to have one....
No other ...the ICE-CREAM stall :D
Lower Chittering Festival

Did you see the writing on the stall... in the photo collage above... 'For the Curious Palate' was emblazoned on the side of the stall...
"LIME and BASIL sorbet”.  I was curious too.

This is the second ice cream or sorbet that uses basil that I came across!

Remember my post 2 or 3 years ago... Strawberry and Basil Ice-cream the photo on the right will take you to the recipe.

Of course, she MUST have Lime and Basil sorbet... I was glad that she did (I get to have a taste too :D )...and look at her!!! eating like an messy

She :D

My first attempt to replicate the sorbet turned out to be good. It's soft and rich but...
.... there is always a BUT!!!!

I think it was 2 tad too sweet for my curious palate...
This is not the end... try and try. I shall :D
... to get the right balance, of sweet and sour, when I harvest my Tahitian limes from my backyard, looks like I am going to have a good harvest ...
more than 20 limes on the tree and still counting.....

Lime and basil sorbet


  1. What a lovely sorbet flavor that looks like! Basil sounds like an interesting addition :)

  2. A delightful flavour combination! This sorbet must be delicious and really refreshing.