Terengganu Daging Kerutub / Terengganu Mild Beef Rendang

November 15, 2015
Terengganu Daging Kerutub / Terengganu Mild Beef rendang: a signature dish from Terengganu, a state located in the east coast of Malaysia

About a month before I was due to fly into Kuala Lumpur, I let it slip to my SAS alma mater social network group about my pending trip.
The wheel started spinning, plans were made for our much awaited meet up.

 Mild Beef Rendang

I was excited to see my school mates again. We parted ways after finishing Form 5, some we met along the way but most just vanished undetected as well as few have left us forever.
Technology is an amazing man-made creation... without it, I think I’d be wondering about each one of them....

Time flew by so quickly...
33 years on...
We've come a long way from wide eyed, naive, giggly 17 year old girls to grown-up mature, wiser and definitely we’ve grown a bit rounder on the edges ;P (me included ;P). Most have become mothers to grown up kids, one or two are proud grandmamas...
but once we were all together... time momentarily stood still.
We 'kind of' forget that we are half a century old ;P. It sure feels like we were back in those long school corridor, stealing precious moment creating ruckus, before teachers would scornfully and screamingly telling us off  :D

It was a heartfelt moment... we hugged, we cried a little, we chat, we laughed, we reminisced .... great get together,  re-kindling our friendship that was lost in the midst of our busy life schedule. 

I am over-whelmed and touched that some came from far, took trouble to make it to our meet-ups. Thank you my dear friends for making our Re-unions a great one. My big HUGE Thank you to our hostess with the mostess, Ros.

Mild Beef Rendang
photo 2

No meet-up will be complete without food ;P
The table were laden with so much food that I was in the state of frenzy, unable to decide which one to start with :D
Everything looks good and delicious, food at our gathering were many times better than having hi-tea at any given hotels. Kudos to everyone... *2 thumbs up* :D

Lina, my former classmate, who sat next to me during our last 2 years of schooling. She could dozed off at any given chance and opportunity she got. She is now a teacher herself (and I bet she would know which students were sleeping with their eyes wide open ;P) had diligently compiled recipes that we shared via social network, and handed it out to each one of us. Thank you.

The first recipe in the booklet happened to be this Daging (beef) kerutub, originate from Terengganu by renown Malaysian celebrity chef ~ Chef Wan.
Terengganu is a state located in the east coast of Malaysia. It is known for its white sandy beaches and beautiful resort islands with activity like snorkelling, scuba diving, watching turtles laying eggs, beautiful batik prints and many more. I hope that I am able to visit one of its beautiful islands ... one day :D

My review : It tasted like ... 'a tone down the heat' version of rendang. So if you are not into spicy and chilli heat, then this is superb to tantalise your palate, perhaps increase the heat progressively :D

Daging Kerutub

Terengganu Daging Kerutub / Terengganu Mild Beef Rendang

recipe from Chef Wan; compiled by Najmi
serve 6

1kg gravy beef - cut into 1/2 inch bite size
2 brown onions - sliced
3 screwpine leaves - washed and knotted
400ml coconut cream in can
200 ml water
2 tamarind slices
1/2 cup kerisik (roasted coconut and grind till fine)
1 tablespoon sugar
1 piece turmeric leaf - julienne
1/2 cup canola oil
salt to taste

B : Spices to saute
2 star anise
3 cardamom
4 cloves
4 cm cinnamon quill

C : Spices to blend
20 dried chillies - split, remove seeds, rinse, soak
200g brown onions - coarsely chopped
4 garlic - chopped
2 cm ginger
2 tablespoon coriander seeds - pan roast and grind
1 teaspoon fennel seeds- pan roast and grind
1 teaspoon cumin- pan roast and grind
20 black pepper- pan roast and grind
  1. Strained the soaked chillies and discard water. 
  2. Blend all ingredients (C) until smooth. 
  3. Heat oil in wok. 
  4. Saute sliced onion, knotted screwpine leaves and spices (B) until fragrant. 
  5. Add blended chillies mixture. 
  6. Stir and cook till oil split. 
  7. Add gravy beef, add coconut cream, water and tamarind slices. 
  8. Cook on low fire for about 1 hour, stir occasionally until beef pieces are soft and tender. 
  9. Add sugar and kerisik. 
  10. Salt to taste. 
  11. Serve with steam rice.