How to Make Potato Masala for Dosa

November 22, 2015
Spiced Potato/ Potato Masala ~ a great side dish to your homemade dosa.

Potato Masala

I have not heard from you for so long...., are you ok?'

Message I received from an old friend of mine, who lives on the other side of Australia.

It was Divali.

I made a mental note the night before that I must send her my best wishes on Divali. And so I did, hence the message above.

I remember celebrating every Divali with her and her lovely family when we were in Malaysia. I remembered that she too remembered that I loved her dosa and her mutton curry.

And without fail, these two dishes would be served as soon as I sat at her dining table.
Needless to say, I'd reached out for these two dishes before any other dishes or sweets that were served on that day.

Even when I visited her in her home across the Tasman overlooking the gorgeous snow-capped mountain and beautiful blue lake ever, despite her hectic schedule, she made sure I had my dosa and chicken curry fixed :D.

I miss your tosei...;P
‘ I ended my text to her.

I planned to have just that ... dosa with condiments.
I soaked rice grains and urad dhal for 2 nights. And it was about time to blend, this was where everything started to go downhill for me.

I successfully blended urad dhal, then proceeded with rice grains using the same method, but unsuccess... still grainy.
Time to swap to another gadget...this time I use my super good (so they say) for a super smooth liquid result ~ NUTRI-BULLET.

However, it failed to live up to its expectation, not only it did not pulse it to smooth rice liquid but I broke the whole damn cover cum blade in the process... it had a super burnt-out issue around the blade.

Not wanting to bite into bits and pieces of broken burnt plastic from the broken Nutri-bullet, I was left with no choice but to throw the lot. Instead of soaking, and blending rice grains again.... a packet of rice flour saved my day!
Mix it with water into smooth urad dhal paste...and start my fermenting process.

It was a yay moment :D

The mixture was good but had that sour-ish dosa taste.

We fired up the barbeque, oiled the hot plate, and I was excited, finally, I could have a nice warm dosa :D.... but lady luck was not on my side.
I had trouble with everything, from trying to make crepe-like dosa, I ended up with a blob of mess :(.

The mixture is too thick, the fire is too strong, the hot plate is too oily were among our grouses.

Change the method of cooking again... making dosa in a frying pan on an induction cooker, yields much better dosa than the barbeque but still not quite the same.

I gave up...

What we had for dinner was something that tasted like dosa...but looked nothing like one :(

Fortunately, my potato masala and coconut chutney (next post) saved the day :D

Potato masala ans Coconut chutney


  1. A wonderful dish! Such a great way to prepare potatoes.



  2. Such a lovely potato recipe. Those crepes are looking great too, Lisa.

  3. Love a staple comfort food like potato masala, and really like the way you've styled the picture too! I have included your recipe in my weekly round up on my blog here