Delicious Almond and Lemon Syrup Cake

August 15, 2015
The Almond and Lemon syrup cake recipe is a moist, delicious cake. Perfect for afternoon tea

Almond cake with lemon syrup

What else can one do, when life gives you lemon... lots of lemons. Lets bake Almond and lemon syrup cake :D
Make some infused lemon water, use some to clean the kettle... and????

We have in total.... 7 citrus plants; 4 on ground and 3 in pots.
The 4 citrus on the ground; grapefruit, oranges, lemon and I think the last one could be lime, didn’t fare too well last season... no flowers thus zero fruits!
Tahitian lime (in the pot) didn’t do too well either. Kalamansi plant is still a baby.
And the only one that did very well was lemon, and its  from ‘Lots of Lemon’ variety. It did give us lots of lemons, but too sour to make lemon curd (unlike lemon Meyer).
I think it may be too sour to bake lemon slice too :(

Almond cake with lemon syrup

I was eyeing this bake from my little Belinda Jeffrey cookbook ~ Almond cake with lemon syrup.
Perfect!!!  make some lemon syrup :D, at least I could try to use up as many lemons as I could, before    the whole bunch of them started to ‘rot’ :(

Turned out to be that half cup of lemon juice was ...way too much. More sugar was needed.
However I shall leave the recipe as is, perhaps your lemon juice will not as sour as mine.

I love them warm (zap for few second in microwave :D )

Almond cake with lemon syrup
Almond and Lemon Syrup Cake, adapted from Belinda Jeffrey


  1. This looks like a wonderful way to use up all those lemons! The lemon syrup soak sounds like a delicious way to liven up the cake :)

  2. A wonderful cake! Delightfully syrupy and lemony.



  3. I love the colour, flavour and the moist texture. A lovely recipe, Lisa.

  4. I have made a very similar cake with semolina in the past. I now will try this as I love the taste of almonds. My late Mother used to make delicious fruit cakes and any left-over marzipan and fruit was immediately used up in hot fruit scones (Americans call them biscuits). The marzipan would melt. It was sticky and delicious. Happy cooking. :-) Caz

  5. I always dream of having my very own lemon tree. I am so jealous that you got all type of citrus plants! My mom loves desserts that are very sour. I think she would love this. I will make it for her when she comes visit. :)

  6. such a delicious looking cake!
    I'd love to try you recipe :)