Chicken Satay and Beef Satay

March 06, 2015
Chicken satay and beef satay are Malaysian best finger food. Chicken meat and beef  meat are marinated separately in spices and cooked over hot charcoal heat.

What is Satay

Satays are small pieces of either chicken meat, beef meat marinated in spices, skewered on to bamboo sticks and cooked over hot charcoal heat.

It's full of flavour, aromatic charred meat dipped in creamy peanut satay sauce.


Stories and Satays 

Satays are not an everyday food, I would consider satays as food to be shared with loved ones, to be enjoyed over good meal or have satays to celebrate an occasion!

... like birthdays :P

 I had Chicken satays and Beef satays for my FIVE ZERO birthday!

Its a scary thought when I hit the big Five zero!

Time ticking over a stick of satay

When I was about 8, looking up at adults around me, a passing thoughts came to mind... 'I wonder what I'll be like 40 plus years from now' quickly as the thought came, it was over within split second, my attention was back to playing dolls, play cooking, play house or running around...

Growing old seemed like light years away at that time.
It seemed like...
I am never getting old...
I don't want to get old...

but 'Time' plays a trick on everyone...

... the clock keeps ticking, without us realising that what was once seems like light years away.... is here!

I am living in that bubble of time, which my young head was thinking about once upon a time!

Evidence that TIME has actually passed by ever so fast, crept silently into our lives are :
~half the head is covered with 'salt and pepper' hair, few crows feet on both sides of my eyes, tired eyes, saggy and my skin has lost its elasticity, and most of all... feels like all my energetic self has gone into hiding forever.

Opening and standing at the door of room number Fifty, staring far ahead inside the fifties room... it scares me a little...
... the exit door is within reach!

The next question is....
Am I ready? 
I guess one will never be ...

Authentic beef satay recipe

Preparing Chicken Satay and Beef Satay

Before we start the prep work in the making of Chicken Satay and Beef Satay, there are few things we ought to consider.

Satays are meat on bamboo skewer, cook over charcoal heat.
The cooking time is relatively short.

And time is crucial, between burnt satays or under cook satay or even dry satays.
Its quite crucial to choose right beef cut and chicken meat, before we start our prep work in Chicken Satay and Beef Satay.

Choosing the right meat or cut for the Chicken Satay and Beef Satay

  • For Beef Satays

My suggestion is to use scotch fillet the very least. 
And if you can afford eye fillet by all means, do so. 

Eye fillet is one of the best top quality meat. 
Eye fillet require short time to cook and it is the best. 

  • For Chicken Satays

My go to meat for my chicken satays will always be chicken thigh.
Many of us doesn't quite like chicken thigh as it is considered as 'dark meat', but trust me this is the best meat to use for chicken satays. 

Chicken thigh stays juicy and moist.
Cut into smaller pieces or cube to ensure that chicken satay is cooked thoroughly.

For other steps, follow the recipe below.

chicken satay stick in rich peanut satay sauce

Enjoy your Chicken Satay and Beef Satay

Chicken Satay and Beef Satay sticks are best served on the day.

Everyone loves Chicken Satay and Beef Satay.

Satays are finger food meant to be shared with family, friends and loved ones.

Preparing Chicken Satay and Beef Satay can be done as a group getting together and helping each other.
Some will skew the meat onto the skewer, and few stand by the hot charcoal heat to cook Chicken Satay and Beef Satay to perfection.

Hope you enjoy this Chicken Satay and Beef Satay recipe.

Enjoy Chicken Satay and Beef Satay

What do we usually have with our Chicken Satay and Beef Satay?

We normally have something soothing and sweet with our Chicken Satay and Beef Satay like


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