Ais Kacang/ Shaved Iced Dessert

February 06, 2010

Perth's weather has been hot and sticky ... to have a bowl of Ais Kacang would be so 'heavenly'.
The 'goodies' in this dessert varies from State to State. Ais kacang in my hometown, Alor Setar, would be like that one in the picture below... The Penangites will have theirs with grated nutmeg and a lot more brown sugar syrup. Coconut milk is used (instead of evaporated milk) in Port Dickson. Some would serve with a scoop of ice-cream...Thanks to Sunbeam Avalanche Ice Shaver... we can enjoy Ais Kacang ...yay!!!eventhough the ice shavings is coarser than the Original Ais Kacang in Malaysia....Beggars can't be choosers ...
  • Ice cubes
  • grass jelly (black and green)-diced
  • creamed corn
  • evaporated milk
  • palm seeds - drained the thick syrup
  • red beans - soaked and boil with added sugar to make it sweet
  • Dark brown sugar syrup
  • syrup with red colouring
  • roasted peanuts
Grass jellies, red beans, creamed corn and palm seeds can be found in the Asian grocery shop.
Make the syrup in 2 separate pots (dark brown sugar and sugar plus red colouring respectively), bring to boil until slightly thickened.
Scoop each of the condiments into a bowl. Using ice shaver, shaved the ice cubes ...add shaved ice onto the bowl.. pour the syrups and evaporated milk... serve immediately..

the 'goodies' .....for ais kacang


  1. jealousnya... I memang suka ais kacang .. of course style Kedah... hehhehe... palm seeds tu memang one of my favs selain dari grass jelly.. :)

  2. mycookinghut,
    hehehe...sorry buat you drool... buah nau (palm seeds) memang yumm!!!...