Malaysian Curry Laksa

February 27, 2015
Malaysian curry laksa, a flavorful egg noodle served with creamy coconut curry soup, delicious meal in a bowl. 

Curry Noodles
Summer? Spicy? Curry? Curry Laksa known as Curry Noodles?

... hmm not the best combination ever!

But when you have 'cravings' anytime is a good time for 'curry', 'spicy' noodles... even though it is in the middle hot summer months :D

These curry noodles will taste better with cockles (kerang), unfortunately, I can't find any here, and even if I did find some, I'd be hesitant to add them to my bowl of noodles.... for fear of hepatitis :(
A long list of ingredients and steps to make this scrumptious meal might be a little bit daunting, and a bit too much work but after eating home cooked ... cooked with love curry noodles... you wouldn't want to eat out ;P... plus you can go for a second...third helping too.

You may want to try some other noodles dishes that Malaysians love to devour :D ~ Noodles in Sweet potato broth known as Mee Jawa or other street food noodles :D

Curry Noodles


  1. So appetizing and delicious! There ain't tofu there? Thought that fried slice next to green bean is the tofu..

    1. You are right Angie, that's tofu next to the green bean, fried bean curd puff or Tofupok (thats what we call it in Malaysia :D)

  2. Mouthwatering! This is a dish I very much love.



  3. I loved this recipe!



  4. OMG, this looks so good! Love turmeric and cumin and all the listed ingredients mixed together! Such a decadent meal, Lisa!