Lemon Curd in Dainty Chocolate Cups

October 20, 2014
Sugar-free chocolate dessert.

Lemon curd in chocolate cups

Look!!!! Look!!
What I received last week!!!
...from  Nuffnang Australia (thank you ).
  • Dark chocolate with Açai, 
  • Dark chocolate with mint crisp, 
  • Rich dark Chocolate, 
  • Creamy Milk chocolate, 
  • Milk chocolate with fruit and nut and 
  • Dark chocolate melts

I was excited to read that "No Sugar ADDED" was written all over the packaging.

First thought that came to mind.... if my mom was still around, she would have enjoyed these chocolates, she had been a diabetic patient for 40 years.

But... these are not for her and others who are having the same health issues, its for everyone, trust me when I say, you wouldn't notice that there is NO SUGAR ADDED!!!

My daughter who is a chocoholic and a fussy eater can vouch for that ;)... she loves the Well Naturally Creamy Milk Chocolate bar :D

Lemon curd in chocolate cups

I decided to play around with Well Naturally Dark Chocolate melts.
My first post (second post coming up this Wednesday ;P ) ~ dainty chocolate cups, served with Sugar free Lemon curd.
Excellent as dessert, good on taste and its so dainty and cute that will make a lasting impression :D

Lemon Curd in Dainty Chocolate Cups recipe.


  1. So cute! That is such a great idea.



  2. These look so lovely! Love those adorable chocolate cups.
    Thanks for sharing, Lisa.

  3. I will dig in eating the lemon curd first and slowly nibble up the chocolate cup! Mmm......yum!!

  4. those choc cuppies are so cute! you have done it so well. I fi make, sure the cup will look like something else ;D

  5. I would use these no-sugar added chocolate to bake a tray of fudgy brownies, eat them and feel good about it instead of feeling guilty as I often do. Brownies are often baked with loads of sugar or they won't be well...brownies.

  6. OMG, these chocolate cups are SO CUTE!!!!! And I love lemon curd so much. These are irresistible dessert!!

  7. Gorgeous little gems... I love both chocolate and lemon curd!

  8. OMG! These little cups are so so cute...I can only imagine how the tangy lemon curd with the chocolate.
    Beautiful and elegant!
    Have a great week Lisa :)