Dates, Almond Rosewater Chocolate Balls

October 22, 2014
Sugar Free Dates, Almond, Rosewater Chocolate balls.
Sugar free Dates almond truffles

For my second post, I decided to use 'raw' ingredients, that are easily available in your larder.
The sugary sweetness comes from dates instead of Stevia.

Almond, desiccated coconut, and rosewater blended well with dates, and to coat with dark chocolates, gives it a good balance of sweet and bitter.

Lemon curd in chocolate cups

...and if you have been following my blog for some time, you'd know that I fail miserably (sucks) in either icing, frosting, or decorating a cake...and now I can add another to that list...
I can't even coat these balls :(...
I had to hide the ugliness/imperfection by coating them with desiccated coconut and hot chocolate powder ;P

Dates truffles


  1. These chocolate balls look luscious and very tempting!

  2. I think you did a great job icing them!! They look elegant and delicious!

  3. These chocolate balls made my mouth watered. Would be perfect for Christmas party. Thanks for sharing.