Ginger Orange Carrot Smoothies

October 24, 2014
Ginger Orange Carrot Smoothies is refreshing and full of antioxidant.

Gingerly Orange-Carrot Juice

....lets have Ginger Orange Carrot Smoothies, and not break this 'healthy' trending week :D !!!

after my 2 sugar free posts of Lemon curd in chocolate cups and Dates, Almond and Rosewater chocolate balls
... lets drink up and load our system with fibres :D

Ginger Orange Carrot Smoothies is refreshing and full of antioxidant.

Heard this slogan,
"its  not a blender, its not a juicer" on tv advertisement, about a certain kitchen gadget? excellent gadget to have in my kitchen, so I can have my 'colourful' smoothies, without losing fibres. "sigh..." yup.... I am one of those 'unlucky ones'  who have low metabolism hence needed to load my system with fibrous food!
Been eyeing the gadget for quite sometime, but I hold on to the thoughts ... hoping that the price might drop a little, but...

Gingerly Orange-Carrot Juice<

Finally, I managed to get my unit, all the way across Indian Ocean... price of a unit plus courier charges, was still less than if I were to get one from here :)

Gingerly Orange-Carrot Juice


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  2. Healthy and surely delicious! A great drink.



  3. LOL!
    I have been looking at getting one of those machines too! Now I guess I'll bite the bullet and get one, because this looks yummy!! I LOVE ginger, and orange! And I can just imagine adding rum to this too! ;-)