Pineapple Popsicles with mint

February 14, 2014
Enjoy these simple pineapple-mint popsicles on a hot summer day

pineapple popsicles
These popsicles are game-changers during the hot summer months!

Australians refer to these popsicles as ice-poles.
It is much cheaper to make these pineapple popsicles at home.
Only 2 ingredients are required: Pineapple and mint.

How to make Pineapple popsicle with mint?
See the recipe card below for the easy instructions on how to make this thirst-quencher popsicle.

homemade pineapple popsicles

Posted on 14th Feb 2014
Since I found these $2 popsicles /icy poles molds in Kmart, I have gone on a popsicle rampage making hundreds of popsicles since the beginning of summer :D

A dozen of popsicles didn't last long in the freezer, especially during those hot summer days.

Perth summer can be very unforgiving.
Before this $2 Kmart popsicle molds, I was eyeing Zoku Popmaker, but the price tag! Wow...$55 per set and it makes 3 popsicles!!!
Yes... Zoku makes pop in 10 minutes, but 3? I could foresee someone (ie my Missy No. 1 popsicle eater) finishing all 3 in 10 minutes too, leaving nothing for .... me :o
It takes longer time to be able to enjoy popsicles with my $2 Kmart molds, but it teaches us ('us' refers to the Missy the popsicle eater  ;P ) a few things - good things come to those who wait, need not burn a hole in our wallet to get the same end results... and finally when I am done using my $2 Kmart popsicles mold... I can either give it away or throw it away without guilt :D
I have since made batches and batches of popsicles... from yogurt (Yoplait is the best) to fruit juices (when mom is feeling uninspired and teeny weeny bit lazy...) 
Pineapple Mint popsicle is our favorite. It is easy, only 2 ingredients are required (3 if sugar/ honey is added)