Malaysian Lemang

September 16, 2011

I am so excited to be invited by Rosa of Rosa's Yummy Yum to write and share with everyone about a traditional Malaysian delicacy, Lemang... (pronounce as Le-Mung).  Lemang is a 'must-have' dish during Eid celebration.

Being far away from home, with only glutinous rice, coconut milk and banana leaves easily available, I managed to re-create Lemang at home...
To my fellow Malaysians who reside overseas...and at times have that 'craving' for Lemang... fret no more... you too can make Lemang without bamboo and a huge bonfire in your back yard.

So let us head over to Rosa's Yummy Yum  blog to enjoy my Homemade Lemang.
And while you are there, do check out Rosa's exciting photographs of her mouth-watering food and her beautiful homeland of Switzerland... Everytime I look at her beautiful photos .... I was somehow lost in the land of my imagination... and kept on seeing Maria singing away with Von Trapps children... (nevermind that Sounds of Music was filmed in Austria...)

These mouthwatering Beef Rendang is a good accompaniment to Lemang


  1. Thanks so much for the awesome post! Everything about it is beautiful.

    Wow, what kind words! I am so glad my pictures and blog are to your taste...



  2. I just discovered your blog.. oh my..I'm loving it!!!!!!!!! hehe mostly on the photos..yummmyy...

    I haven't touch lemang for 5 yrs dah..

  3. Lisa,
    I nak peluk you lah bagi this recipe link...pls thank the recipe author too! I'm gonna go make lemang....

  4. Made me chuckle 'lemon drops' though I have seen it before:) Love this post, your recipes, photography always rock. Heading over to Rosa's/

  5. Can you believe I've not had lemang at all this Eid? I'm so making this, even if it means Syawal will be gone by the time I come back.

  6. Rosa
    Thank you for inviting and my pleasure to write for your gorgeous blog... had fun too, invoke childhood memories :D

    Ribbon Clown
    Terimakasih... for dropping by :D

    Kak Yati
    *hugs* returning your peluk :) and selamat mencuba

    hehehe... Thank you Shulie :D

    Its Ok ... we can enjoy lemang anytime now ... dont have to wait for Raya or go to Kajang/Semenyih Road to have one ;)
    and Happy mencuba :D

  7. Hi Lisa, this is such a truly gorgeous guest post that you did for Rosa!

  8. Your blog is absolutely gorgeous and the photos are stunning with such beautiful presentation! Glad to find you :)

  9. Oh Lisa! Looks really good! Making me really hungry. Wonderful guest post!

  10. I'm drooling..... hahaha..delicious lemang. I like to eat with rendang.
    Beautiful picture. Have a nice weekend.

  11. I had a lot of fun reading the full post on Rosa's blog. You are really talented and the photos are indescribable!

  12. Your lemang looks great! The Malaysian community here resort to frozen ones from the grocery store but homemade is so, so much better!

  13. Just hopped on over from Rosa's blog after seeing your beautiful guestpost. I love the pictures and I'm glad I found your blog!

  14. A great guest post, Lisa. Looks absolutely delicious. Beautiful photos as always.

  15. Hopped over from Rosa's blog to yours. Lovely space you have here. Loved the way you described everything in the post.

  16. Thank you everyone for your comment and words of encouragement :D

  17. this is a lovely recipe by lisa- thanks for sharing Rosa

  18. Hi Lisa! Looks like one more dish add to my list that I need to try in Malaysia. It's sometimes hard to make a simple dish that you grow up with because of lack of ingredients. But when you actually manage to make it, it surely brings accomplishment. I'll go check Rosa's blog now. Lisa, another stunning photo that I immediately fall in love....

  19. Lisa, I love the first picture! So amazing. May I ask what lens do you use?

  20. Thank you Priya

    Its true... but we make the best with what we have :D
    Thank you dear for your words of encouragement :D

    Thank you, Ellie.
    I use Nikkor 50mm f1.4D

  21. just came back from rosa's blog, thanks so much for sharing the homemade lemang recipe, it's really useful for many people!

  22. Amazing guest post for Rosa, Lisa :) Glad to have discovered your amazing blog!

  23. Lena
    Its a pleasure to share :D

    Thank you :D

  24. Click on this link to go to recipe on Rosa's blog