'Cocoa' Tiramisu

September 20, 2011

'Cocoa' Tiramisu

'Cocoa' Tiramisu recipe is easy to whip up for unexpected guests. It is good for children too as no coffee was included.

I was a coffee drinker... started at a very young age... perhaps as soon as I took my dislike in drinking milk, at six or seven years of age.

I would have a cup of instant coffee with 2 teaspoon of sugar for breakfast with 3 slices of bread. Then in the afternoon, I would have another cup of Malaysian coffee with sweet condensed milk ... with banana fritters or just dunk the cream crackers.
And when I was in Uni, I would indulge in latte, cappucino, espresso etc...

I could not resist coffee especially when I walked passed the coffee bar with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the air... as if its calling my name... I would walked straight into the coffee bar for my caffeine fix.

'Cocoa' Tiramisu

However, things started to change... I was at work, and had just finished my first cup of coffee... suddenly my heart was pumping so fast that I felt like my ribcage was about to burst... I thought it was work related, you know 'work related' stress!!

It happened again the next few days... not only my heart was beating fast...my head was swimming too... strong headache that I can't even open my eyes... it happened everytime I had a cup of coffee... then I knew the source of my 'excited' heartbeat!!! its
my body was telling me that it had enough of caffeine intake...

It has been 2 decades since I stopped drinking coffee... not even a sip or a bite of coffee flavoured cake, the effect is the same...

Being a sweet-tooth person...Tiramisu is one of the desserts I would love to try but dare not give it a go...  all because of COFFEE ...

'Cocoa' Tiramisu recipe, no coffee  included.

And being an imaginative person... and not wanting to miss out on good dessert... I had my Tiramisu with cocoa instead.... it was SUPERB...I can't compare with the Authentic Coffee based Tiramisu ... sorry...   

So here is my take on 'Cocoa' Tiramisu... can I still call it Tiramisu?

Cocoa Tiramisu Recipe

1 cup of brewed cocoa
1/2 cup of caster sugar
250g saviordi biscuits
250g mascarpone cheese
300ml thickened cream
1/4 cup Creme de Cocoa (non-alcoholic)
  1. Pour warm cocoa in a shallow dish.
  2. Dip the saviordi biscuits, one at a time, and line either ramekins or glass or cup.
  3. Whip cream to firm peaks.
  4. Mix in sugar, fold in mascarpone cheese and Creme de Cocoa.
  5. Fill the glasses carefully with the mascarpone mixture.
  6. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
  7. Sprinkle with some grated chocolate or some caramel Hot Chocolate Powder.
  8. Serve


  1. please make one for me...hahaha... :D

  2. A lovely Tiramisù! I love coffee and can never get enough of that drink... Stranely, it has no effect on my body.



  3. You just described exactly what happens to me whenever I take caffeine (tea, coffee, etc) and the sad thing is I don't even take any of these on a regular basis :( So my only resort is chocolate (little caffeine) and milo hehe. You just gave me an excuse to have tiramisu once again, sans the coffee! :D

  4. haha Lisa....I was a coffee addict too and yes, I got that excitement too! now, I'm just one cup/day....

    your tiramisu looks a killer....out goes my diet....have a good day dear.

  5. funny how can one love coffee so much and after so many years, just not able to take it..but anyway, you have a terrific idea idea to replace that coffee with cocoa, it looks divine!!

  6. Nothing can beat a delicious Tiramisu.. my all time fav dessert :)

  7. Lisa, I want 2 cups... my favorite tiramisu. Yours looks so delicious and beautiful click.

  8. Alyza
    No problem ;P

    a sad case for me... I still love the aroma of coffee :)

    Tea too?
    I can't function without my cuppa in the morning... :D

    Kak Yati
    Our hormones are playing up... but mine started earlier ;P

    I guess I have reached my caffeine saturation point... :(

    mo man tai Amelia... :D

  9. I'm with you. I could not take too much coffee now, because it's too much! :) I reduce my caffein intake, but still love tiramisu! Love this version!

  10. Great! I’d be one to benefit from your idea because I also have similar syndromes when drinking too much coffee (a few spoons : ().

  11. This looks fan-freakin-tastic! I am a recent convert to mascarpone, myself, and though Coffee and I are becoming fast friends, Cocoa is my One, True, and Only love.

  12. I love this! Tiramisu is my favorite desserts but I always feel bad when i make it because my sister hates coffee :(
    Will try it out :D

  13. Lisa, you are lucky that you could drink coffee from young age. My mom was way too strict that I could only drink milk until high school (meaning no caffeine). Well surely I got addicted to coffee as soon as I got freedom. =) So far I don't feel the crazy heartbeat yet but I'm trying to reduce the amount too. Moderation is the key. :-) I love your Cocoa Tiramisu. Well, anything "tiramisu" in it sounds delicious. But your gorgeous photos are suggesting that this is omre than "delicious". Too bad I can't grab it from screen now.

  14. I've never been a coffee person, so this is definitely my type of tiramisu. It looks fantastic!

  15. Anh
    Thank you Anh...
    everything in moderation is the best :)

    I have few comments (from ladies especially) on what caffeine can do to us...
    I wonder whether men suffers the same symptoms when they have too much caffeine? :)

    Yay :D

    Dee D.
    Happy trying :D

    Children and coffee drinking is the norm in Malaysia in those days...
    I dont allow my children to drink any until they are 18. My son prefers tea (once in a blue moon he would drink some flavoured coffee... and he is 16 grrrr) and my daughter totally not into coffee :D

    Thank you :D

  16. Creme de Cocoa...that smells really great! Love this cocoa tiramisu!

  17. Perfect for a chocoholic like me. I would make this with 2 tablespoons of instant espresso mixed in. Fuh!!

  18. Angie
    Pour some Creme de cocoa into a glass of milk... delightful.

    I can only imagine the taste :)

  19. I say you can call it whatever you want. It looks beautiful and delicious! These days coffee keeps me up! I used to be like Rosa and could drink all the coffee I wanted and nothing would happen, but these days I need to be more careful. Lovely modifications to a fabulous dessert!

  20. Adore Tiramisu. Especially the individual serve versions. Must try this!

  21. this looks, GREAT! i loved any desserts served in an individual glass... your body's reaction to caffeine sounded so serious! glad you're doing better now. thanks for the recipe!

  22. oh my that looks so yum!!! =) I made a coffee version as well but this chocolate version looks just as nice.

  23. Jamie
    Thank you... :D
    While coffee keeps you up, coffee makes me sleep (due to headache :))

    Happy trying :D

    individual glass... so I dont have to share with anyone ;P


  24. I take a cup of coffee in the morning,and that's it! Just enough for me. I don't think I can abstain completely ;O Good that without coffee, a "pick me up" is still do-able!

  25. That looks so very creamy and delicious! Loving all the beautiful photos! :)

  26. I believe coffee does different things to different people. We just need to be aware about how it affects us. I think regardless, it is great with a good tiramisu!

  27. Came across your blog through love from the oven....love..love your blog...newest follower. Do follow back if you can :) btw we also steam our rice cakes like that during the harvest festival

  28. tigerfish
    Anything for a good dessert :)

    To Food with Love
    Thank you :D

    I second that :D

    Panmeiz Cuisine
    Thank you :D

  29. I really really love tiramisu. This should be renamed as a devils food. It's evil enough to hear things like "eat it!!! eat it!!!" sorry going through a rough time not to eat the screen of my laptop. Wonderful recipe! I'll be checking out for more.