Biskut Semperit

August 23, 2011
These are gorgeous 'Melt in the mouth' Biskut Semperit, a must for Eid celebration (Hari raya Aidilfitri).

Biskut Semperit

What is Biskut Semperit?

Biskut semperit is like butter cookies, soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture, with a 'dahlia-shaped flower' with a tiny piece of cherry in the centre of the flower.
Biskut semperit (Biskut samperit), sometimes known as kuih semperit are traditional cookies during festive seasons like Eid, Chinese New Year or even Divali.

Traditional cookies with many names.
In Indonesia, it is known as kue semperit.
Biskut bunga dahlia (kuih dahlia) is another name to add to the already long list of names for this kuih semperit.

And there is another version of biskut semperit that uses condensed milk only.
Let me know which you prefer.
Classic traditional biskut semperit or biskut semperit susu?

How to bake biskut semperit?

A list of ingredients and methods can be found in the recipe card below.

However, I will run through a quick guide on how to successfully bake this melt-in-the-mouth butter cookie.

1) Ingredients

biskut semperit ingredients

a) Flours.
Combine flour: Mix plain flour (wheat flour), custard powder (Homemade custard powder) and corn flour (corn starch) are pan fry on low heat until the flour mixture is light and airy.

Set aside to let the flour mixture cool down to room temperature.

b) Sugar
Icing sugar or powdered sugar will make a soft dough.

Do not substitute icing sugar (powdered sugar) with caster sugar.

c) Margarine
Some have found success in using butter instead of margarine.

d) Egg
Only egg yolks are used in the recipe.

e) Glazed cherries
Decorating biskut semperit with a tiny piece of cherry makes it looks more like a flower and is very pretty to look at!
cut cherries
Note: do your prep work of cutting cherries before starting to mix the semperit dough.

2) Making biskut semperit dough.

mix sugar and butter
In a mixing bowl, cream the margarine (cream butter if you are using butter) and icing sugar (powdered sugar) on medium speed until creamy. I use electric mixer (kitchen bench top) to achieve the result.

add egg yolk
Add egg yolk and mix until creamy.

add dry ingredients
Add the dry ingredients (flour mixture) to the butter mixture.
Mix until all ingredients are well combined and formed into a soft dough.

extrude flower petals
I am using the semperit mould or flower semperit maker as in the photo below for a successful extrusion of dough.
Acuan biskut samperit
It is difficult to use piping bag with this semperit mould.
Trust me, I tried and failed miserably!

place cherries
Add cherries to the centre of the semperit petals

baking cookies
Transfer to the preheated oven and bake as per the instructions in the recipe card below.

kue semprit
Beautifully baked biskut semperit that melt in your mouth!

Melt in the mouth custard cookies

FAQ on Biskit Semperit

a) How to avoid biskut semperit petals from dropping once they go in the oven?

I have no problem if I were to bake biskut semperit on cold winter days.
But in summer, once I have finished piping, and placed the cherries, I would refrigerate the cookies for at least 20 minutes before placing them in the oven.

b) How to store Biskut Semperit?

Always store in an airtight container.

c) How long can I keep these biskut semperit for?

Biskut semperit is best eaten within a month.

custard cookies recipe

Video on How to Bake Biskut Semperit.

Posted on 23rd August 2011

Every Raya /Eid celebration, without fail, my mom would start her preparation as early as 2 weeks before Eid.

She would wash and dry the flat aluminium pot covers, which would be served as baking trays later.

Then Mom would do a checklist and put aside all the ingredients needed.

 She would bake as many as 5- 6 types of biscuits.

One of the 'must-bake' sweet treats would be Biskut Semperit / Custard Cookies.

Mom's Little Helper

My siblings and I would help mom to bake Biskut Semperit / Custard Cookies every Eid.

Mom would mix the ingredients, and my task was to grease the baking tray with margarine.
My sisters would do other tasks like making sure that biscuits were baked to perfection.

Sad to say, we didn't know how to appreciate good things back then.

We overlooked, underestimated, and dished the traditional cookies.
And started to yearn for other exciting name Cookies from the West.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Since none of her children were looking forward to the traditional cookies anymore.
Mom stopped baking Biskut Semperit / Custard Cookies.

melting moments cookies

Baking Biskut Semperit / Custard Cookies

2 decades passed, and those cravings and longing for traditional cookies started to kick in.

I missed the 'Custardy-melt in the mouth taste' of Biskut Semperit / Custard Cookies

I missed that little yellow Rose flower cookies with the cute little red cherry on the top.

Most of all, I missed my mom baking us Biskut Semperit / Custard Cookies

Quest for that Perfect melt in the mouth Custard Cookies / Biskut Semperit

I have been on a quest for a few years.

Looking forward to bake the perfect Biskut Semperit / Custard Cookies but failures came to greet me!

Either the dough was too soft that the 'petals' fell flat during baking or the dough was too stiff that my thumb hurt when I was trying to push the dough out of the nozzle.

I gave Mom a call asking for her recipe.

She managed to describe in detail how she did hers.

Unfortunately, the quantities in her recipe were measured by that orange colour tin labelled Brown and Polson Custard Powder!

I surfed the net and found a few recipes for Biskut Semperit / Custard Cookies.
Tried but still not as good as Mom, until the subject of baking traditional cookies was mentioned in one of my FB conversations with my former schoolmates. We talked about food all the time.
Intan, generously shared her recipe, and with her consent, I am sharing it with everyone. Thanks, Intan.

custard cookies recipe

Finally, my search for the perfect 'Melt-in the Mouth'Biskut Semperit / Custard Cookies is OVER

Note :

2015 ~ I updated this post with my "How To Video' on baking that perfect Biskut Semperit / Custard Cookies.

Biskut samperit rangup


  1. Delicious Samperit, yours look very pretty the petals holds very well.
    A cookies I'll surely bake for CNY.

  2. Hahaha Lisa....I sooo remember the stiff thumb feeling!;P. Thx for sharing...

  3. These not only looks pretty .. but i bet they taste amazing too! Cute and tiny sweet little bites.

  4. Kuih samperit my fav kuih raya. Taste better before raya or after raya bila tinggal sikit.

    Want to know what I did to lessen the the soreness of my thumb, I will used the extra nozzle to press the dough in. Just wrap the 'presser nozzle' with some plastic bag to avoid the dough from getting into the hole. With that method you can even press it with your palm. More or less, you kasi tindihkan nozzle to on top of each other.

  5. Enak-nya!

    And your piping skill.. so perfect! Can't wait to see what's in here for the next few days :)

  6. Have yet to make semperit this year. Dah tua2 ni, we now long for traditional kuih kan Lisa. Love semperit, makmur, kuih bakar, batang buruk and the list goes on.

    Selamat Hari raya Lisa dearest!

  7. Ehhh.. ni biskut memang sudah lama I tak makan la... nak sikit :P

  8. These look so dainty, pretty and yummy! how i wish i could pop some in my mouth right now!

  9. I ate a lot of these cookies when growing up but never know what they are called. Thanks for sharing this recipes, Lisa. Brings back nice memories.

  10. Amelia
    Thank you dear... I'll be baking this again for CNY too :D

    Kak Yati,
    Sama2... :)

    I have to exercise self control... otherwise none would be left for others ;P

    Thanks... :D

    Hahaha... betul.. taste better when a few left in the jar...
    Thanks for the tip... will keep that in mind :D

    err sorry my dear... not a lot of happening as most of my traditional cookies dah posted last year and the year before ;P

  11. Wiz
    Sama kita Wiz... I love the traditional kuih and kids pun enjoy the Raya goodies.

    Selamat Hari Raya to you too Wiz..

    Thank you :D

    Boleh saja ... mai la Perth :D

    awww... thank you :D

    Agree ... brings back good memories, and it would be nice if I could find the old Saloma Raya song to go with it ;)

  12. Samperit? I’m learning it here ...
    They look cutie than traditional : )

  13. Custard powder is a genius little ingredient in recipes so i can imagine these are absolutely gorgeous! Definitely wanting to try this, they would make beautiful christmas gifts :)

  14. TasteHongKong

    The Procrastobaker
    Excellent idea as Christmas gifts :)

  15. Oh no, I think I'm missing out something really delicious in this world! I have never heard of samperit and all I can imagine is from "custard cookies".... You totally perfected this cookies... look at all these same shape flowers!! They are like little robots marching down. so cute!!!! I actually have a question, so I'll email you! :-)

  16. Nami
    Hahaha... now that you mentioned ... they do looked like little robots ;)

  17. They are perfectly piped and baked! I love them.

  18. pretty pretty!! samperit, maybe i've eaten them before at a friend's house. Now you can proudy present this to your mom!!

  19. Angie
    Thank you... they are almost gone now :)


  20. Yum yuM! I wanna make this for eid so badly. I have a question though, is cornflour the same as cornstarch? Or is it cornmeal? Just wanna make sure before I make them so I don't mess them up. I know cornflour can mean several things. :)

  21. Hazar
    Cornstarch = cornflour... Its white in colour and usually used as thickener in Chinese cooking...
    Sending you the link here :

    for further clarification.
    Happy baking and Have a joyous Eid :D

  22. Gosh, you'd think after having a zillion of these in Singapore, I'd know their name? So thats what they are called. I always called them those yellow cookies with the red dot, lol! It must be truly awesome hitting that right recipe after years of searching for the perfect one :-)

  23. Love kueh makmur! It's one of those kuehs that have not crossed over to join other chinese new year goodies like pineapple tarts and kueh bolu. I always look forward in anticipation for my muslim friends to share there makmurs with me during hari raya! :)

  24. Sorry.. I got a question. Will these work with butter instead of margarine?

  25. Sneh
    Thank you :D
    It sure feels great :)

    Yes ... butter can be substituted for that buttery creamy taste...

    I so love makmur too :D

  26. Wow! I must say this is the best looking samperit I have ever seen! Am so going to try this! Bookmarking it and Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family Lisa:)

  27. Jeannie
    Thank you... :D
    Happy baking...

  28. Ha! Funny that you said your mother used to make them in the 70s and 80s because that was my first thought when I saw the pictures: Vintage Biscuits! They really look sweet and I am happy for you that you finally managed a recipe that you like. :)


  29. Oo yaaa I remember this kue! I used to munch them for the Eid either fitr or hajj :)

    We call this kue semprit. :)

  30. hey! thanks for sharing the recipe! i tried baking this but failed to get the "melt-in-the-mouth" texture...

    is the dough supposed to be like bread crumbs?

  31. Anonymous
    The dough should not be crumbly or breadcrumbs like.
    It should be soft and able to push the dough through the nozzle.
    Don't miss out step 2 n 3 (especially step 3 ~ egg yolk)
    happy baking :)