Best tea for flu

July 15, 2011
Excellent herbal tea to combat flu.

flu tea

Known as Flu Tea, this combination of ginger, garlic, chilli and thyme makes a wonderful drink to ward off cold as well as to warm your body on cold winter days.

This herbal ingredient uses such as honey, lemon, garlic and ginger and chilli, all has natural healing effect

The surprise ingredient in this flu tea is thyme!.

Another tea that is good to drink is lemon ginger tea with honey, but this concoction has to be prepared and let it macerate few days in the fridge.
Yuja Cha is also known as Citron tea are traditional herbal tea from Korea to combat cold too.

Health Benefits of ingredients in Flu tea

1) Ginger helps to relieves nausea and indigestion.
2) Lemon helps ease congestion and cold.
3) Honey is used as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial agent.
4) Thyme to help with respiratory
5) Chilli has natural 'heating' effect on our body.

tea for cold

How to make flu tea

Step by steps to make Flu tea

1) Crush garlic
2) Remove ginger skin and smashed them.
3) Slice chilli lengthwise to release heat
4) Add ginger, garlic and chili in a small saucepan or milk pan and bring to a quick boil.
5) Add thyme into the pot.
Reduce heat and bring down to a simmer for 5 to 10 minutes.
6) Strain into 3 cups
7)Squeeze lemon
8) Add honey

Tea for cold and cough

Posted on 15th July 2011

We look forward to read the column called 'The Tuckerbox' in the newsletter 'Health, Safety and Environmental Magazine'...issued monthly by the company where H works.  'Tuckerbox' always featured health related or healthy recipes...
I guess it is design to educate its employees to eat better hence better health therefore increase productivity.
H came home one day, with June issue... and casually mentioned about the featured recipe for the month.

H~  this is interesting.
Me~ what is, luv?
H~ this month recipe.
Me ~ a-ha...what is it about?
H ~ Flu tea
Me~ 'still blur'... Oh Ok! what's in the fRuitty?
H~ garlic, ginger...bla..bla.
Me'confused state of mind'... errr...  with 'blank look on my face'

At this stage... my brain keep thinking of fRuitty... and for a second I thought H has lost his ability to pronounce letter R and replaced it with letter L... you know sometimes it happened~ the case of slurring, lazy tongue!! it happened to me all the times...hence the word came out as

fLuitty;instead of fRuitty
Me~ you meant... fRuitty?
H~ No... Flu Tea... as in Flu...sniffle... sniffle...
Me~ Ohhh!!! Flu Tea....phew!!! that was really confusing...

And I was presented with this Flu Tea a week after our 'confusion' tete-a-tete ... I had runny nose...for 2 consecutive weekends... the body and mind needed pampering and required a lot of attention... as we said it in Malay... 'Manja' time...aka TLC


  1. LOL at the conversation between you and H. ;-)) The tea seems quite warm, calming and soothing.

  2. This looks delicious, must try next time. My remedy? Piping hot fish porridge with fresh cut chilli... this gives me a good sweat and I feel better after that... also the best remedy for flu...sleep, lots of it...

  3. So funny! It can be fruity fruit tea ya?

    Porridge (the watery kind), sometimes works for me. I just drink the "water" from the porridge. Lots of Vit.B and let me sweat out the toxins! Easy to down too, esp when flu means no appetite.

  4. I'll probably make this without the garlic. Raw garlic and I don't get along well. Wonder if that'll work...

  5. I love such drinks with all the spices & citrusetc..we have our own version of flu tea in your cup & the pictures:)

  6. Okay my flu remedy..gotta be either masala chai or piping hot chicken soup ;)

  7. Shirley
    Fish porridge sounds so yummy :D

  8. tigerfish
    My mom used to make me Moi whenever I had fever...

  9. pickyin
    the taste of raw garlic can be overpowering... ;)

  10. Tanvi
    My good friend would boil cumin and coriander to make tea to ward off flu... Is it the same as your Masala Chai? :D

  11. very interesting! Love the name, and the tea!

  12. I love having lemon, Manuka honey and fresh ginger in a hot drink. This sounds like a great alternative, I've got to give this a go next time :-)

  13. I love home/food remedies like this. Sounds much tastier than cough/flu syrup ;p

  14. Xiaolu

    oh... Definitely nicer that the nasty cold syrup :)

  15. How wonderful that it worked for you. There is nothing worse than that stuffed congested feeling you get when you cant breathe.
    For me, the best way to combat flu is preventative. You have to exercize and eat healthy and it keeps your immune system nice and strong.
    *kisses* HH

  16. I also make ginger + honey + lemon.. tastes good and effective!

  17. Seeing as my throat is aching today, I am going to have to remember to make this when I get home.

  18. Heavenly Housewife
    You are absolutely right.. :D

  19. leemei
    Ginger.... nice and warm and will chase angin away too ;)

  20. Indie.Tea
    and dont forget to drink plenty of water as well...

  21. This good way to attempt for the consideration of the work and it work quality.

  22. I do not make any fruiittee haha! just take vit c ( redoxon ) and if it gets worse, what to do, see a doc!

  23. lena
    must take a lot vit C :D
    In Msia.. no appointment necessary to see a GP but here wait lor...;)

  24. Lisa,

    we would usually have this kinda tea without the garlic and chilli of course.. will keep this mind.. the weather is crazy.. I might catch the flu bug anytime :p