Mooli with Sesame Miso Sauce

February 15, 2011

Hurray!!!...My blog has turned 2 recently (9th February)...  Total posts posted = 300+ ...

Phew.... I thought that I would have lose 'steam' by now... but so far so good... and the best part is ~ I get to 'meet' wonderful  friends through blogging...
And as for writing? I always dreaded writing... I prefer churning figures than write... furthermore English is not my first language. I was brought up in a non English speaking family, went to non English speaking primary and secondary school... but I love reading English novels, embarrassing confession here ~ I was hooked on Mills n Boon... ...  back in those days, okay...

So pardon me if my writing tend to go off tangent of all the sudden...or my post does not seems to 'gel'... 
You may think... what has all that gibberish above has anything to do with the dish below??? My answer would be ...NONE... hahaha....

Ok ... back to the dish....
Daikon or white radish... its not my favourite vegetable... It has this 'funny' smell and taste. I thought of giving it a second chance... with this recipe (adapted from a Japanese cookbook). 


1 medium Daikon or White radish - peeled the skin and cut into 2 cm thickness
15 ml white rice - washed
1 sheet nori sheet
  1. Wrap the rice grains in muslin cloth and tie it with strings... to resemble bouquet garni... leave some room for expansion. Place cut-up Daikon in a saucepan fill with water. Add the rice bag with salt. Bring to boil and simmer for 15 minutes. The rice is to keep the daikon white while cooking and to remove bitterness.
  2. Discard the rice bag... and drain.
  3. Place the nori sheet on a shallow pan and place the daikon on top.Bring to boil and simmer for another 20 minutes.
  4. Strain and reserve the stock.

Sesame Miso Sauce
100g miso paste
60ml Japanese vinegar or mirin
2 tablespoon sugar
4 teaspoon white sesame seeds
Mix everything in a saucepan and simmer for 5 minutes. Add a bit of water if it becomes to thick. Remove from heat and add sesame seeds.
Serve daikon with sauce.

white-radish in sesame-miso-sauce


  1. Congrats!!! Looking forward to see more great recipes ;)

  2. A really commendable achievement! Congrats!

  3. First congratulations on your 2 years :-) The miso sauce looks delicious, love it with daikon...great photos as well.

  4. Lisa, congratulations!
    You know what, I am thinking using the sauce for the pasta. :-))

  5. How did you like Daikon the second time? I fry them with egg or cook them in chicken soup. Both cases, there is no funny taste ;)

  6. Angie,
    Thank you.
    Am looking forward to that post... :)

  7. tigerfish,
    only slightly better... :)

  8. I was hooked on Mills n boon too but not until I finished school. In school I loved reading teen romantic comic. Lupa lak namanya. Instead of caricature or painted picture, it feature real people.

  9. Flower,
    I was hooked since Form 2 :)
    I had quite a sizeable collection since my UK days... ada lagi in a box kat KL :D