Watermelon, Feta and Mint

February 22, 2010

I was watching one of Nigella Bites episode on TV few years back... she made this mouthwatering watermelon, feta and mint in one her summer series...and decided to give it a try (few times eversince). The combination of the 3 ingredients is superb... every bite of the sweet juicy watermelon mix with salty~ish feta cheese and the refreshing mint...Amazing!!!
When I was younger, I used to enjoy my sliced watermelon with soy sauce (kicap)... don't know what 'Feta' is at that time, never heard off and definitely, not available in any shops!!!  Tease the palate with sweet taste of watermelon with salty taste of soy sauce... (I re-lived my childhood moment again...) 
Watermelons are abundant and much cheaper this year... so give it a try (Nigella version of course but no harm done trying my childhood version.. if you dare..hehehe).
You can also try this typical Malay dish using watermelon's skin... 
  • Cut up watermelons
  • chopped some mints
  • crumble some reduced fat Feta.
Mix all up....