Mango Salsa

February 27, 2010
Mangoes ~ my all time favourite ... 'tired' of mango? Not me... never!!! We have a lot more fruits~  and its cheaper...this summer. 
I was at Wanneroo market... and saw this whole box of mangoes for $20... I was like 'Wow'... chose the best looking mangoes...Buy first and worry later where to store them....  Ray who was busy stacking the mangoes boxes up add few more mangoes into my box .... I was like... yay!! 'Good On ya, Ray'... :)...excellent...  50 mangoes in a box... Within a week... nothing left...we slobber over mangoes...yummy mangoes.... 

  • Ripe mango (not the mushy ones.... ) - skin off and diced
  • grape tomatoes - halved
  • red onion - thinly sliced
  • mint and coriander leaves - chopped
  • optional - thinly sliced chilli
  • salt
  • olive oil
Mix all in a mixing bowl and serve with grill or barbeque salmon steaks... :b...


  1. oh my! mangoes....yum! the salsa looks delicious....sometimes i just eat mangoes with kicap n fish sauce!

  2. Gosh they are dirt cheap in Wanneroo market! I can't stop stuffing my gut with mangoes too! Do you know how to make mango swiss roll? Bought it at north bridge and it's so delicious

  3. I love mango salsa! And to serve with salmon steak is even better!

  4. Yati Harvey,
    Hmmm ... That's new to, kicap and fish sauce... must be young mango or mempelam pauh... drooling....

    Ms Red Hat
    aren't we lucky??. hmm now that you have mentioned mango swiss roll ~ will try tomorrow, you'll see in my blog if its 'OK'... otherwise Northbridge is the answer...hehehe

    Angie's Recipe
    My sentiment exactly.... ;)

  5. Lovely mangoes! I never used to like ripe mangoes when I was younger (I prefer the green ones that are so sour and make your whole body tingles!)
    But, now I know how to appreciate ripe mangoes!

  6. mycookinghut,
    green mangoes with garam belacan...yummm