Cucoq Keria

February 20, 2010


I thought of Kuih Keria (after enjoying so much  'rich' food... Chinese New Year is all about eating and visiting and eating again.. ~ 8days to Chap Goh Mei!! phew... kilos will pile on... diet will be next on my menu...). 
Kuih Keria will not make its appearance on this auspicious occasion...It is a humble not too rich kuih...   Made from mashed sweet potatoes... form into ring ... like doughnuts...deep fried and coat with caramelised/ crystalised sugar. A lovely afternoon snack or breakfast and serve with kopi-O (Malaysian local coffee)

The Dough:
  • 600g sweet potatoes -
  • 1/2 cup to 1 cup of flour
  • salt
Steamed or microwave the sweet potatoes, mashed and leave it to cool. Mix in the flour.... until the dough is not too sticky and able to form an 'O'. Careful not to add too much flour... you'll end up with a 'floury' taste kuih keria just like the one sold commercially in the market or pasar malam (night market!!). Deep dry until golden.... leave it to cool.

Sugar coating
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • a little bit of water
In a wok, heat up sugar with a little bit of water until dissloved and bubbly... stir until the syrup thickened slightly... turn off the heat... and mix in the kuih keria and stir carefully until well coated ....


  1. this is my favourite!! Tak tau pun namanya kuih keria... malunya.. :P

  2. mycookinghut
    kita orang Kedah kata ~ 'chuchoq' keria... :)

  3. ya ker??? sorry la.. I ni tau makan.. kadang kadang tak tau nama pulak ni.. hehehe

  4. instead of white sugar, try coating it with palm sugar. it gives a richer taste

  5. Salina Inzaghi,
    I can imagine the taste of palm sugar and keledek... yum..