Easy Strawberry Galette

October 19, 2021

Super easy strawberry galettes recipe with delicious fresh strawberries, nutty toasty taste from almond meal wrap with buttery pastry.
 Strawberry galettes


Strawberry galette

Classic and rustic dessert with lots of strawberries, one of the easiest and quickest galette you can bake.

Strawberries in dessert are one of the best and easiest to make and strawberries seems to be in season all year round, here in Perth.

What is a galette?

A galette is a French term for a rustic, round, free form pastry wrap or enclosed fresh fruits and baked on baking sheet.

Fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, pear or even apple can be used in making a galette.

 easy Strawberry galette recipe

How to make a strawberry galette?

Full printable strawberry galette recipe is near the end of this post.
You can find the measurement in cups in the note section of the recipe card.

 almond meal for Strawberry galette
1. Pan roast almond meal and leave it to cool.

 flour, sugar and salt for Strawberry galette
2. Mix flour, sugar, salt and almond meal with butter and mix thoroughly to a bread crumb texture.

 add egg yolk to Strawberry galette pastry
3. Add egg yolk to the flour mixture.

 mix Strawberry galette dough to just combine
4. Mix the pastry to just combine.
Do not overwork the pastry.

 refrigerate dough
5. Let the pastry rest.
Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

 almond meal mix
6. While waiting, mix almond meal with sugar and plain flour.
Set aside.

 hull strawberries
 macerate strawberries
7. Prepare strawberry by washing, and cutting them into quarters.
You may use whole strawberry if it is small in size.
Macerate with sugar until ready to use.

 Pastry into iron cast pan
 arrange strawberries for galette
8. Galette supposed to be free form, but for aesthetic photography reason (and being an OCD), I made my strawberry galette using mini cast iron pans. 

 unbaked rustic galette
 enclosing pastry over strawberries
9. This is what galette should be, free form pie!

  Strawberry galette into oven
10. Strawberry is ready to be baked.

 fresh strawberry galette
11. After 20 -25 minutes, out came this beautiful, delicious tasting strawberry galette!!!

How to store a strawberry galette?

As we are using fresh fruits as galette filling, it is best to keep any leftover strawberry galette in an airtight container in place them in a fridge.

Just take the galette out an hour before serving to let it come to room temperature.

How do I serve my strawberry galette with?

Strawberry galette is best serve with sweet custard or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

 recipe for Strawberry galette

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Video on How to bake a Strawberry Galette

 The super easy strawberry galettes recipe with delicious fresh strawberries, nutty toasty taste from almond meal  wrap with buttery pastry. Classic strawberry galette, one of the easiest and quickest desserts you can bake. Serve strawberry galette with sweet custard or dollop vanilla ice-cream on top or enjoy strawberry galette on its own.

What was posted on 10th October 2009

Strawberries are in season... and we'll be able to get nice big juicy strawberries for less than $2 per 250g punnet. Next project ~ would be homemade strawberry jam....yum.... but then I have to make a trip to the nearby strawberry field to look for 'seconds' strawberry tray, lucky if I could get 2 trays for the price of 1!!