Phat Phet Gai / Spicy Thai Fried Chicken

August 28, 2018

Phat Phet Gai or spicy Thai Fried chicken, originated from Thailand,  is a very spicy dish using lots of local herbs and fresh chillies.

Phat Phet Gai photo

What is Phat Phet Gai means?

Just in case you are wondering... what is Phat Phet anyway?
Phat Phet are 2 thai words.

Phat means Stir Fry
Phet means Spicy,
Gai means chicken

This post is all about spicy Thai Stir-fry Chicken, better known as Phat Phet Gai.

Thai Fried Spicy Chicken
What do friends do when they chit chat all day via WhatsApp or Telegram?

Apart from exchanging news of families, politics, current affairs, we talked about food ... a lot!

The topic of Phat Phet Gai being mentioned in one of our many "what are you cooking/ having for lunch/ dinner?" conversation starters.

And around Ramadan that Phat Phet Gai being mentioned more than ever!
Obviously, after being mentioned over and over again, the topic piqued my interest that I decided to give it a go.

For the life of me, I can't remember whether my mom cooked this dish before, perhaps she did, perhaps she did not.
Perhaps it was known as something else.
Perhaps I have eaten Phat Phet Gai, but I was just as clueless... back then.

Ayam Phat Phet photo

How to cook Phat Phet Gai?

There are many version of Phat Phet Gai, and it is relatively easy dish to cook.

The traditional way of cooking, and most would cooked Phat Phet Gai, like cooking curry.
Bite-size chicken cut added after the spice had been sautéed in oil, and leave it to simmer until chicken cooked through.

But I prefer to fry the chicken pieces before adding to sautéd spice.

Why fry chicken pieces?

Frying chicken prior to cooking, gives the chicken a different texture. The chicken flesh is firmer and meatier.

Stew/ curry cooking, makes the chicken meat 'soggy' and soft. The flesh will be mushy if cooked for too long.

Furthermore, frying the chicken pieces makes this Phat Phet Gai tastier. Brings out the flavour, more intense flavour, in my humble opinion.

Below are some snippets, showing how easy it is to cook Phat Phet Gai.

Ayam goreng
Golden fried chicken pieces.
Lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves photo
Kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass stalk
Blended Chillies, lemongrass, onion and garlic photo
Blended spice of onion, garlic, bird's eye chillies, lemongrass and turmeric
Saute Blended Chillies, lemongrass, onion and garlic image
Saute in oil
Cook until oil split photo
Cook until oil split
Add golden fried chicken to Phat Phet sauce Add chicken pieces
Phat Phet Gai / Thai Fried Spicy Chicken / Ayam Phat Phet image

What is best to serve Phat Phet Gai with?

Phat Phet Gai is best serve with steam rice and best eaten when its piping hot.
Hot from heat and hot from the chillies. Double wham!!!

However, you can enjoy this dish when it has very much cool down (less buzz in the head from chilli heat :P)

Can I reduce the chilli?

Adjust Phat Phet Gai to your taste!
Its totally flexible.
You can reduce the amount of bird's eye chilli if you are not able to take the level of heat.
Similarly, you can increase the amount of chillies too.

Can I freeze Phat Phet Gai ?

Yes, you can!

Phat Phet Gai can be frozen up to 4 weeks.
One of many reasons why I fry the chicken pieces prior :D.
The chicken meat stay firm. 

All you need to do is thaw and microwave!
Voila!! Dinner is ready.

Chicken Phat Phet photo

Would you dare to take this chilli challenge by cooking Phat Phet Gai?

Would love to hear from you. Shoot me your experience eating Phat Phet Gai in the comment box below :P

Phat Phet Gai or Thai Fried spicy chicken, originated fromThailand. Phat Phet Gai  is a very spicy dish using lots of local herbs and fresh chillies.


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