Asian Herbs Rice Salad / Nasi Ulam

Asian Herbs Rice Salad is one of Malaysian favourite rice dish, locally known as Nasi ulam 

Asian Garden Herb and Rice Salad recipe

Rice Noodles in Asian Fish Soup / Asam Laksa

Rice Noodles in Asian Fish Soup
Rice noodles serves in sour, tangy and spicy fish soup, topped with fresh crisp vegetables.

Rice Noodles in Asian Fish Soup photo

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Beef and Pickled Shrimps Stir-fry

A quick Beef and pickled shrimps stir-fry using fermented or pickled shrimps known as cencalok.

Beef and Pickled Shrimps Stir-fry photo

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Non-Alcoholic Sangria

Non-alcoholic Sangria, a zesty summer drink for young and old to enjoy at parties.

Non-alcoholic Sangria recipe with summer fruits

Coconut Cookies / Biskut Kelapa Cina

These Biskut Kelapa Cina or literally translated to Chinese Coconut Cookies,  are deliciously addictive.

Coconut cookies recipe

Commonly known in Malaysia, as Biskut Kelapa Cina, however I shall loosely translate it as Coconut Cookies, so it will not be too mouthful to pronounce :P

Madeira Cake

Simple and delicious Madeira Cake

Madeira cake recipe

I was in two mind whether to share or not to share this Madeira cake recipe.

Thai Leaf Wrap Salad Bite/ Miang Kham

Miang Kham or Thai leaf wrap salad bite, is a popular Thai street food.
Miang kham, eaten in single bite, has all the Thai flavours of sour, sweet, spicy, tart and crunch.

 Miang Kham or Thai leaf wrap salad bite


Light, fresh and creamy tropical delight of Mangomisu

Mango for mango cold dessert, mangomisu

Single serve Mangomisu

Note : An updated version with video of Mangomisu posted in January 2015. 

Duck Eggs Marble Cake

Simple and delicious Duck Eggs Marble Cake. 

Marble cake recipe.

Cranberries and Walnut Cookies

Melt in the mouth, delicious and addictive Cranberry and Walnut cookies
Excellent for Christmas baking and as gifts.

soft melt in mouth cranberries and walnut cookies

Braised Beef with Horseradish Dumplings

Delicious and easy recipe of braised beef and horseradish dumplings
Comfort food for cooler weather.

Delicious Braised beef and Horseradish dumplings.

Easy Peanut Cookies

Easy to bake, delicious to eat Peanut cookies with only 4 ingredients.

Easy Peanut cookies

Easy Shakshuka Recipe

Easy Shakshuka Recipe.
Shakshuka originated from North Africa but popular in the Middle east, often serve as breakfast.

Easy Shakshuka for breakfast

Sambal Tumis/ Malaysian Chilli Paste

Malaysian chilli paste or commonly known as sambal tumis, is one of many, much loved  sauces by all Malaysians.
Scroll down to watch the video on 'How to' cook this delicious sambal tumis.

>> Note : this is an updated post :D <<
>>I have inserted a Printable recipe card and 'How to ' Video <<

Sambal Tumis resipi

Saffron and Rosewater Ice-cream

Delicious and exotic flavours of Saffron and rosewater ice-cream.

Soft Persian ice-cream

A great way to greet spring with this delicious Saffron and Rosewater ice-cream :D

Fish Taco

Easy and delicious Fish Taco recipe. 

Fish taco recipe

Creamy Panang Curry Meatballs

Delicious creamy nutty red curry meatballs is also known as Panang curry.

Panang Curry