Yudane method for Japanese bread

August 15, 2023
How to make Yudane, Japanese bread improver.



What is Yudane?

Yudane is a flour paste, where hot water is added to flour to make a roux.
The hot water will gelatinise the flour hence making the baked bread retain its softness and bread stays fresh for longer!

Yudane originated from Japan and widely used in baking Japanese milk bread.

japanese soft bread

What is the difference between Yudane and Tangzhong?

Both are excellent to improve bread baking especially Asian bread.

The difference between Yudane and Tangzhong can be broken down as follows:

a) Origin

Yudane (Japanese yukone) originate from Japan, while tangzhong is from Taiwan.

b) The difference is in the flour to water ratio.

Yudane uses 1:1 ratio and tangzhong uses 1:5.

c) Preparation method

Yudane uses hot boiling water to hydrate and gelatinise flour.
In tangzhong method, flour slurry is cooked over the stove on low heat until it reach 65 degrees celcius.

How to make yudane?

Recipe and methodology can be found in the recipe card below.

I will explain each steps using the photos below.

bread flour
Add 50g bread flour or high protein flour into a heatproof bowl.

making yudane
Add 50g (50ml) boiling hot water into a bowl of bread flour.

Mix thoroughly to hydrate flour.
Mix thoroughly to hydrate flour.

Cover with cling wrap.
Cover with cling wrap twice! One for the dough to avoid extra moisture forming if we are to just cover the bowl. Then cover the bowl with another layer of cling film.
See video for detail.

What if I do not cover the bowl?

Lost of moisture will take place and that will affect the hydration ratio (amount of liquid) in mixing the dough.

Add yudane into a shaggy dough
Add yudane into a shaggy dough and use mixer to mix until smooth.

Soft bread using yudane method.
Soft bread using yudane method.

FAQ on Yudane

a) Is it essential to have a kitchen scale im making yudane?

Yes it is a MUST to have a kitchen scale in making yudane.
Using tablespoon or cup will give inaccurate weight of both water and flour.

b) Can I prepare yudane ahead of time?

Yes! you can prepare yudane at least 24 hours prior to baking bread.

c) How do I keep yudane?

Keep yudane in the refrigerator.
Take yudane few hours (at least 3 hours)from the fridge to let yudane warm up to house temperature.

d) How long can I keep yudane refrigerated?

Don't keep yudane too long, I would say maximum is 3 days.

dough improver

Video on How to make Yudane?


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