Easy Fruit Loaf

August 23, 2023
One of the best breads that I have baked by far! This fruit loaf is so soft with lots of juicy fruits.

Bread with fruits

Fruit loaf

Certain parts of the world may have known this fruit loaf as fruit bread.
Both are interchangeable!

Basic ingredients are bread flour, liquid and yeast with dried fruits mix into the dough.

mixed dried fruit bread recipes

Baking fruit loaf using yudane method.

Some bakers may add bread improver to the dough mix for a much softer bread.
But I opt to use Japanese yudane (which I have written in my previous post).

Bread baking with yudane added to the dough makes the bread stays soft for longer.

How to bake fruit loaf | fruit bread

List of ingredients and method on how to bake fruit loaf can be found in the recipe card below.

However, I will take you through my steps on how to achieve soft bread that last for longer days.

Step 1 : Prepare yudane

You have to prepare yudane at least 4 hours prior to baking bread.

I like to get my yudane done a day before.

Step 2: Prepare yeast mixture

I strongly suggest that yeast mixture be prepared prior.
This step is essential as to ensure that yeast is still active (especially if the yeast has been sitting in the corner of your pantry for quite sometime. It will give you time to run to the store to get a new one!

prepare yeast mixture
Pour 145ml of luke warm water into a heatproof container.

Add yeast
Add yeast.

Add 1 teaspoon of sugar to yeast
Add 1 teaspoon of sugar (taken from 45g sugar in the recipe)
Leave yeast to bloom for at least 5 minutes.

Active yeast
Yeast is active and ready to be used.

Step 4: Weigh all ingredients

Weighing all ingredients is a MUST in baking this soft bread.

Step 5: Mixing the fruit loaf dough

high protein flour into a mixing bowl.
Weigh and add bread flour or high protein flour into a mixing bowl.

Add caster sugar to the bowl
Add caster sugar.

Add milk powder to the flour
Add milk powder.

Add lemon zest and salt to the bowl
Add lemon zest and salt.

Add ground cinnamon to the flour
Add ground cinnamon.
Mix well.

Add yeast mixture that we prepared earlier to the bowl
Add yeast mixture that we prepared earlier.

Add 40g egg to the flour
Add 40g egg.

Add dough hook and mix.
Attached dough hook and mix.

Mix dough into a shaggy dough.
Mix dough into a shaggy dough.
Let the dough rest for 10 minutes.
This will let the gluten develop and strengthen.

Add yudane.
Add yudane.
You can add yudane at the stage when you add yeast mixture.

I have tried both steps, at this stage and with yeast mixture.
Both yield the same texture and makes no difference.

Knead the dough until soft and pliable.
Knead the dough until soft and pliable.

window pane
Check for window pane and make sure that the dough passed test.

add room temperature butter
Then add butter to the dough and knead until smooth.

add mix fruits
Add mix dried fruits and knead until the mix fruit just mix into the dough.

add some oil into the bowl
Oil the bowl and place the dough back into the bowl for the next stage.

Step 6: First proof

cover the bowl
Place cling film over the bowl.

place bowl in warm place like oven
Place bowl in a warm place.

dough double
Proof until double.

Step 7: Shaping the bread

shaping dough
Proof until double in size.
Transfer to work bench.

Divide the dough into 2.

Fold the dough into 3.
Using a rolling pin, roll the dough thinly.

roll dough
Roll and seam the dough.

rolling the dough
Roll until the end.

Pinch and seam the end.
Pinch and seam the end.

Place in baking pan
Place in baking pan for the second proofing stage.

Step 8: Second proof

dough rises
Dough has risen to slightly above the baking pan.

Step 9: Egg wash

how to make egg wash
Add a dash of milk to make egg wash.

Brush the top of the bread with egg wash.
Brush the top of the bread with egg wash.

Step 10: Baking fruit loaf | fruit bread

bread into oven
Bake bread at 190C (fan or use Bread function on the oven if you have one).

Release the bread from the mould.
Release the bread from the mould.

Tap the bread to check for doneness.
Leave the bread to cool down before slicing.

Step 11: Wait for the bread to cool down before slicing.

fruit bread recipe
Look at those web!

easy fruit bread recipe
Freshly baked bread is so soft.
I could finish the whole loaf!!!

The final product of the baked fruit loaf using yudane method.

soft fruit bread

FAQ on fruit loaf

Is it a must to have kitchen scale?

Yes, kitchen scale is a must to achieve a soft pillowy fruit loaf.

How long does the bread stays soft?

The bread stays soft for at least for 3 days.

How do I keep this fruit loaf?

Keep fruit loaf in a sealed bag or an air-tight container.
By not keeping the fruit loaf as suggested above, the moisture in the bread will tend to dry out and bread will not be as soft.

Can I toast this fruit bread?

This bread is delicious as toast.
Spread some butter and have it with hot coffee.

Can I replace yudane with something else?

You could use tangzhong but the ratio of flour to liquid will be different.
You have to re-calculate (see my post on Green tea buns and Cinnamon rolls using tangzhong method)

recipe for fruit bread

Video on How to Bake Fruit Loaf


  1. Thank you for this, was anticipating for a bread recipe since you shared the yudane earlier. Will sure try this recipe soon. XOX

    1. Thank you :)
      Much appreciated and do let me know the outcome :)


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