Fried Chicken Wings in Sticky Lemon Sauce

November 27, 2018
Absolutely delicious Sticky Lemon Chicken Wings. Make and share these twice fried Sticky Lemon Chicken Wings with friends.

Sticky Lemon Chicken Wings image

Fried Chicken Wings

These Sticky Lemon Chicken Wings are delicious and addictive.

What makes these Sticky Lemon Chicken Wings delicious?
There is only one answer -> because these chicken wings are TWICE fried.
YES!!! you read it right!!!

 Twice fried chicken wings
...and they are absolute lips smacking delicious.

Sticky Chicken Wings image

I try to avoid frying my food as much as I possibly can, due to health concern, but...
I guess, deep frying chicken or fish once in every 2 months, is ok, not as bad.
LOL...  look at my 'trying to comfort myself' statement :P

Truth is ... I love deep frying food :D

Just look at those gorgeous rich golden brown chicken wings.
Wouldn't you be tempted to nibbles on a few? :P

Honestly, I thought that frying once was bad... let alone to fry chicken wings twice.
Chicken wings aren't the meatiest part of the chicken, hence, I was a bit worried that they might turned out 'dry'.

However, it was not the case, the chicken wings came out juicy, crispy and succulent, just like my earlier post on Korean Fried Chicken. I used chicken drumsticks then.

double fried Sticky Lemon Chicken Wings image

Crispy golden fried chicken wings image

Crispy and Sticky Lemon Chicken Wings image

Since I was blessed with abundance of lemons this year, I must make these gorgeous delicious Sticky Lemon Chicken Wings, along with some desserts using lemons.

I did a similar post on lemon chicken, back in my early days of blogging, but I used chicken breast, cut into strips.

Why didn't I use chicken breast this time?

Chicken breast is the most tender part of the chicken, if I were to overcook the chicken breast, the meat will tend to be dry and rubbery.
It will be like eating sand paper with lemon sauce... ewww!!!

Chicken breast is obviously the healthier meat and part of the chicken.
Chicken breast is only suitable for quick cooking, like poaching or steaming or few minutes in the oven.

I pan fried this chicken breast to complete and add some protein to my Creamy Fettuccine Alfredo.

Lemon Chicken Wings image

I made a quick video on "How to make Sticky Lemon Chicken Wings" below.

So enjoy the video, enjoy making these twice fried Sticky Lemon Chicken Wings.

Absolutely delicious Sticky Lemon Chicken Wings image

Video on How To Cook Lemon Chicken

Absolutely delicious Sticky Lemon Chicken Wings