Madeira Cake

December 06, 2017
Simple and delicious Madeira Cake

Madeira cake recipe

Of late, I find myself keen on retro baking and cooking, I love to try out bakes that I used to oogled and drooled when I was a kid.

And Madeira cake is one of bakes!
Neither hubby or kids heard of Madeira Cake, until I baked one.
(and they thought its Mildura cake, duh!)

Simple and delicious Madeira cake
I want to try them all...
Be it my mom's handwritten recipes or from my cousin's fancy recipe books in the 70s.
Plus, I have heaps of cut-out recipes from old magazines, I collected over the years, from the early 80's.

Another cake on my "To bake list" is Sugee cake. If you have family recipe and willing to share, please shoot me an email. I would love to bake one :D.

Classic madeira cake is perfect with tea
So what's the difference between Madeira Cake and Butter cake?

Its the same, by a quick glance at the ingredients below.
Same ratio of butter, sugar and flour.

Some say that its is the English way of calling butter cake, a Madeira cake, when it was served with Madeira wine. 

But this Madeira cake that I adapt from BBC Goodfood, has almond meal and zest of lemon!
The two ingredients that make Madeira cake denser, rough in texture (kind of sandy due to almond meal), but it was a GOOD butter cake nevertheless.


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