Tasty Spicy Mee Goreng Mamak

August 03, 2017
Mee goreng(fried noodles) is one of many Malaysians' favourite street food.
Mee goreng is easy to cook, delicious comfort food.

Malaysian mee goreng

The word 'Mee goreng' is no longer limited to the South-east Asia region anymore.

Mentioned mee goreng,  I guess almost everyone would know what the food is all about.

The spelling might vary though, some will write as Mi Goreng, some written as Mie goreng, depending from which region.

You are able to see the words 'Mee Goreng' on instant noodle packets.
Our local Woollies has some instant "Mi Goreng' on their shelves.

Fried Noodles

Mee goreng or Chow Mein means Fried Noodles.

Mee means noodles and goreng means fried.

There are few variants of Mee goreng! (base on my mee goreng experiences )
We have the Chinese' mee goreng (or known as Chow Mein), the Malay's mee goreng and the Indian- Muslim's mee goreng.

Chinese' mee goreng (chow mein) uses dark soy sauce as the base.
Malay's mee goreng uses tomato sauce, chilli paste (chilli boh). Some may add peanuts in their mee goreng.
Indian-muslim's mee goreng or known as 'Mee goreng Mamak' uses tomato sauce, chilli sauce, some chilli paste, soy sauce.

Tasty mee goreng
Which one would I choose ~  Chinese, Malay or Indian-Muslim?

I would say all 3 versions.

1 ~ Malay mee goreng

I was brought up eating my mom's version of mee goreng.
Tomato sauce, chilli paste or chilli boh as the base, with bean sprout and prawns. Rarely we had it with meat.

When its was her fresh food marketing Saturday, she'd buy me a packet from the market, Malay mee goreng with some peanut added. Always looked forward to this weekend breakfast treat. 

Spicy mee goreng
2 ~ Chinese Mee goreng or Chow Mein

My first taste of chow mein, was when I was in primary school
It was simple but tasty mee goreng I ever tasted.
Soy sauce base, garlic and some sprigs of pak choy.
I enjoyed my 10 cents a plate (4 decades ago) during recess.

And of course my husband would fry them every now and then . Plus his Hokkien noodles too.

mee goreng mamak sedap

3 ~ Mee goreng Mamak 

This spicy tasty mee goreng, is available at any time , any where in Malaysia.
You can find have your mee goreng mamak fix in either restaurants, five foot side walk or hawker's centre.

It has tomato sauce, chilli sauce, some chilli paste and sweet soy sauce.

With added ingredients: potatoes, green leafy vegetables, beansprouts, and cracked an egg or two thus scramble them in the piping hot wok.

mamak mee goreng
We love this tasty and spicy mee goreng mamak, and have it often than the two mentioned above!


I love all 3 ~ Malay mee goreng, Chinese Chow Mein and mee goreng mamak.

Hubby loves ~ Chinese Chow Mein (his favourite food ever plus noodles is in his blood) and mee goreng mamak.

Daughter ~  prefers mee goreng mamak, but dislike Hokkien noodles!

Son ~ none of the above. He is not a noodle person, but he is forced to eat because ... mom is not cooking anything else *insert evil laugh* 

mee goreng lazat

Hope you enjoy our version of Tasty Spicy Mee Goreng Mamak :D

Malaysian mee goreng recipe.  Mee goreng (fried noodles) is one of many Malaysians' favourite street food. Mee goreng is easy to cook, delicious comfort food.


  1. LOL Mom just cooks 2 dishes...take it or leave it :-)) Your mee goreng looks very delicious, Lisa.

  2. I had Mee Goreng in Singapore and loved it. So so loved it. Noodle dishes are my weakness. I can't wait to try this. The pictures make it look so appetizing too!

    1. I have yet to try Singaporean Mee Goreng, I am sure it is as awesome as Malaysians Mee Goreng :).

  3. What kind of sweet chili sauce? It’s not clear.

    1. You can use any chili sauce if you are not able to find sweet chili, like Maggi chili sauce
      I used Woolworth sweet chili in the recipe.


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