Chicken Teriyaki Sushi Balls

August 08, 2017
Chicken Teriyaki Sushi Balls. Deep fried cooked sushi rice, filled with teriyaki chicken.

Fried teriyaki chicken sushi balls

Chicken Teriyaki Sushi Balls was published on 8th of June 2012. 
My previous 'story' can be found at the end of this post. 

I am doing a little bit of blog sprucing here and there, 'spring cleaning' of my old posts, trying to revive before the post is dead!
delicious deep fried sushi balls
We love Japanese food!

We love sushi.

We love Chicken Teriyaki.

And we love fried food! (we do not have fried food not all the time, even though we love 'em)

teriyaki chicken pieces
Combine all the 'Loves' above, these golden Chicken Teriyaki Sushi Balls are perfect for our little unhealthy indulgence :P.

Chicken Teriyaki Sushi Balls are not difficult to make. 
It involves the same steps as you'd prepare sushi. 

The only tricky bit, may be, when it comes to wrapping nori sheets around teriyaki chicken pieces!

And I am sure you will, somehow figure it out :P.

If you had arancini before, Chicken Teriyaki Sushi Balls is the Asian version of arancini. 
Main ingredient is rice, dunk in egg wash then breadcrumbs then fry to golden perfection!

Fried food at its best :D

Deep fried cooked sushi rice, filled with teriyaki chicken.

Chicken Teriyaki Sushi Balls recipe. Deep fried cooked sushi rice, filled with teriyaki chicken

From previous:
June 2012 by far ... is my busiest and luckiest month...

My sister and her hubby were here for a visit. They were excited and anxious too as this was their first time ever travelling overseas. I knew that feeling too well...yes... that took me back to the time when it was my first time stepping into the  plane... butterflies in my stomach were making somersault.
Excited ~ I was the first in my family to be given the opportunity to see and experience the "Western World..."
Anxiety ~ I was raised in a non- English speaking community...I had no confidence in conversing 100 percent English... without my Manglish of 'lah-s, ma-s and alamak-s'...

It was a relief to see them emerging from the "otherside" through the sliding door... a little bit dazed, tired and sleepy but NO drama with either Immigrations or Customs. So their holiday began... and so was I, busy, trying to win the 'Hostess with the Mostess of the Year' award 

Lady Luck is with me this month...grinning from ear to ear...

Luck 1~ my Red Bean Ice-Cream photo came 3rd place in the 'Overall Winner' category in DMBLGIT May 2012

Luck 2~ In my "nearly half a century" life... I was lucky once and won a colour TV set in a Lucky Dip, and that 'luck',  was 'borrowed' from my unborn son... yes, I was heavily pregnant with my 1st born. Nothing before and nothing after that...despite countless giveaways I participated... until June 2012.
I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my name printed in Denise's Singapore Shiok.... I just won her funky red Mom's Not Cooking cookbook!!!

While I go and celebrate my victories doing my 'Victory Dance'.... I leave you with this Chicken Teriyaki Sushi Balls...


  1. Adui....cantiknya! This little sushi balls and was deep fried,I bet this must be real delicious and yummy. Just never thought that it can be lightly deep fried to make it more unique and flavourful.

  2. You had me rolling at the 'no luck with lucky draws' thingy. Me and my entire Khandan as in Family, has no luck whatsoever with lucky draws. We have NEVER won anything from ANY tickets, most times forced to buy :). Congrats to you on all the achievements. Love the sushi balls.

  3. A great recipe! Those balls look mighty scrumptious.



  4. LOL Hi Lisa, that was a fun read! Thanks for the mention. I'm so glad Lady Luck is smiling down on you now. Maybe you can ask her to turn her gaze slightly to the right and shine her eyes on me next? ;)

    I love your presentation of these sushi balls and your photos are just gorgeous! Congrats all around and may more luck come your way!

  5. Sedapnya!!
    Congrats on the winning! You deserved it!

  6. Congratulations! These fried sushi balls are so cool! They remind me of arancini - but Asian-style!

  7. I love this recipe! I really want to try a "cheating" version of it - without deep frying. I have a deep frying phobia :-). I want to broil the balls instead. Do you think it will work?
    And congratulations on all the victories - this is great!

  8. look amazing!!! delicious! mmm...

  9. This recipe looks great. I´ll try to make it, my children´ll love it. Your photos are gorgeous!!!

  10. Congratulations, Lisa!
    These sushi balls look fingerlicking!

  11. this sounds delicious!

  12. I made them for dinner :-). I also made a vegetarian version with cucumber instead of chicken. I first baked them for about 5 minutes at 375 and then I broiled them for another 2 minutes. They turned out surprisingly golden and crispy on the outside, looked pretty much like your photo :-). And they tasted great! We had them with a salad with sesame oil - soy sauce - lemon - rice vinegar - peanut butter dressing and it made a great meal. Thanks so much, Lisa! What's next on the menu? ;-)

  13. Mel
    Terimakasih :)

    Pan Cuisine
    Oh I hear you when it comes to LUCK.. I am in the same boat :)

    Thank you :)

    Once I get her to give me my million first .... ;P hehehe


    Thank you :D


    Cooking Rookie
    Wow... Thanks for your feedback... Wonderful to hear of your healthier version. My kids will not like me after this as I plan to broil and not fried sushi balls anymore... :D

    Thank you :)

    Bread n Oil
    Thank you :D

    Thanks Angie :)


  14. Wow, congratulations! Love winning prizes :D Sounds like a yummy dish too! Thanks for sharing and hope your relatives enjoyed their time in Oz :).

  15. Congratulations Lisa! I love that shot... In my mind, it's the 1st place!!

    I love your chicken teriyaki sushi balls. I've never eat it like this before but I can imagine how delicious it can be! Beautiful photos as always! :-)

  16. Ames
    Yes my sis and hubby enjoyed their stay despite of the cold weather :D
    Thank you

    Thanks Nami, for your kind words, I am touched... :D

  17. hi! my first time visiting and am already loving your many wonderful recipes and photos! going to drool over them:D Congrats on your winning that cookbook!

  18. this looks so great! I have a recipe a lot like this from a friend of mine! i am definetly going to have to make these soon!

  19. Victory dance and teriyaki sushi balls?! I call that a GREAT day :)