Smoked Fish Kedgeree

November 23, 2016
Smoked Fish Kedgeree recipe.
An Anglo- India dish that Scottish has adopted as their own and have it for breakfast.

Smoked Fish Kedgeree


This simple dish has made its long journey from the land of Maharajahs to the land of Kings and Queens, in 14th century.

Kedgeree is believed to have its roots in India, was based on the dish called Khichri.

Khichri is a vegetarian dish of rice and lentils with added spices but no curry powder was used.

However, when Khichri became Kedgeree, curry powder was introduced.
The rich British merchants in India and the army personnels serving the Crown at that time , must have some protein in their belly, hence fish and boiled egg were also introduced to kedgeree.

When those merchants and army personnels returned to England, they introduced smoked fish and hard boiled egg to the English version of Khichri.

According to food historians, fresh fish was introduced to Khichri, and always serve on the side, unlike its English counterpart, smoked fish is mixed in Kedgeree.

khichiri recipe

Khichri, a simple and inexpensive food from India was brought to Britain as Kedgeree, a dish associated with luxury and decadence, served to the rich, to be enjoyed leisurely for breakfast.

There are many literatures, variants of recipes written on Kedgeree. I think it is one of the most documented dish ever written :D.

Anglo-Indian curried fried rice

What is Kedgeree?

Looking at my point of view, Kedgeree is just another version fried rice; 'Fried Rice with Smoked fish'.
I love Kedgeree, simply because I love curry, herbs used (especially fresh Coriander/ cilantro) in the dish and last but not least, the smoked fish.

Smoked fish and curried rice is a wonderful combination, a match make in food heaven on earth.
Salty, smokey, spicy, full of flavours!

I could understand why the wealthy rich merchants in those days enjoyed Kedgeree so much, and having it for breakfast! that is rich, I'd ditch the 'boring toast', or cereal for kedgeree any time.

As my fingers were busy pounding the keyboard to finish off this post...
I could hear the rumbling in my tummy, screaming for Kedgeree ;P.

Looks like I will have to make this again for tomorrow's night dinner!
Sadly, not for breakfast but dinner!


  1. Do get smoked fish with the most flesh.
  2. Be wary of the bones, especially if you are serving to children, getting bone stuck in your throat is awful.
  3. No smoked Cod, No sweat! Substitute with smoked salmon (this gets thumbs up from my two grown-up kids).
  4. I used Keens curry powder. Malaysian curry powder has different composite/ ratio of ground spices in them. 

Or you can try my homemade curry powder :D
Last but not least
Just enjoy the dish :D

fried rice with curry powder

Smoked Fish Kedgeree recipe.


  1. OMG! So beautiful, i loved the recipe.


  2. Lisa, the rice looks amazing ! I can go without the meat. haha....
    Blessings, Kristy


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