Vanilla Pannacotta with Raspberry Coulis

May 16, 2016
Vanilla Pannacotta with Raspberry Coulis is a rich, silky beautiful dessert, that makes a wonderful Mother's Day treat.

Vanilla Pannacotta with Raspberry Coulis

This post came a wee bit late... not actually late, late! Just over a week after Mother's Day celebration.

'Mothers and Daughters' ~ the movie, have you seen it?
I'd avoid (like a plague LOL) any movie that has many plots, for example: Love Actually or something similar. I prefer an easy-to-follow, single-plot movie without trying to figure, out who's who, and what's what...
Movie time is supposed to be relaxing, not thinking!!! Agree? ;P

This indie movie was an exception! It has many plots but I sat through the whole length, without me dozing off mid-way.
*Spoiler Alert*

The movie was based on four families or to be precise 4 pairs of mother-daughter.
The plot that makes me want to reach out for Kleenex was about this mother-daughter who was in an estranged relationship, the mother has to tip-toe and be careful what NOT to say to her daughter. Whatever she said, the daughter took it in a negative light!

Another Kleenex moment ~ was about the daughter's relationship with her Alzheimer's mom. This was touching too...  she was afraid to lose her mom, wanting to preserve that beautiful image of her mom but at the same time, she was too busy with her own life to care for her mom.

Raspberry Coulis
Sometimes we forget who had our back all the time since the day we were born.

She is the one who had to go through the excruciating pain to push us out into this world.
She is the one who spent many sleepless nights, making sure we were warm, comfortable, and not hungry.
She is our Florence Nightingale when we were sick.
She is always by the sideline cheering and encouraging.
She is the one who puts her children before herself and everything else.

And yet, when we grew up, we put her on the sideline.
We took her for granted, we conveniently forgot that she was always there for us.
We forgot that she was our first teacher, the one who taught us to walk, talk, and almost everything we learn about life, and yet we stand proud, thinking we knew better!!

We are proud to have many friends yet we forget who was our first true friend... 'friend' who stuck by us through thick and thin.
We found new love and we forgot hers :(...

We only have ONE mother (and father... more ramblings about father when Father's Day is here :D ) l
Let us celebrate Mom in every way we can,
Let us show her our love and appreciation, every day if we can.
Spare some time to be with her.

Our days and hers are numbered, and one day she'll no longer be by our side.

I miss mine much!
She's in a better place since 2 years ago :(...

Vanilla Panna Cotta with Raspberry Coulis image
Enough Kleenex moment!!!

Vanilla Panna Cotta with raspberry coulis was my Mother's Day treat from my favorite daughter in the whole wide world ;P.
An ardent fan of Masterchef and My Kitchen Rule, she was over the moon when she tipped her panna cotta onto the plate, it jiggled.
This is what I learned from Masterchef... panna cotta should be jiggly :) was her happy remark.

I was happier... that I got to eat beautiful, rich, silky dessert and I didn't have to clean the kitchen after. ;P

It was executed to suit my taste buds (less sugar), with whatever ingredients we have in our fridge section and pantry.
The words in the recipe below were 98% hers.
but the photographs are all mine :P

Vanilla Panna Cotta with Raspberry Coulis


  1. Yummeh! love love love panna cotta especially now cuaca dah panaih. Scotland panaih??? Where the got?!
    Was watching Eurovision the other day... first time cheq tengok dari mula sampai habih, selalunya tak sampai 10 minutes teruih tukaq channel. Anyways, was rooting for Oz and my homeboys... hampaih sungguh... sangat kiciwa with the result. Malam tu cheq takleh tidoq, geram punya pasai. Mrhubby pesan next year takleh tengok dah :(

    1. LOL...Panaih Scotland tak la sampai berpeluh ketiak ;P
      Ha! kan dah kena warning dgn Pak Hazzim... :). Tak pa next year mesti Pak Hazzim lupa, boleh dok melangut tengok Eurovision lagi. Cheq dulu masa muda belia, rajin juga dok tengok Eurovision, tapi la ni, rasanya Eurovision pula dok tengok cheq ;P menyanyi lagu serombong kapai.

  2. It has been like a century since I last had a panna cotta, Lisa. Now you really have me crave some!


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