Sweet Wheat Porridge / Bubur Gandum

March 18, 2016
Bubur gandum or Bubur terigu is one of Malaysians favourite dessert.

Bubur gandum

Bubur Gandum 

Also known as Bubur Terigu can be loosely translated as Sweet Wheat Porridge.

What is Bubur?

Bubur is a soupy based dessert usually made from boiling legumes like mung beans, red beans or these wheat pearls until soft.
Sugar and coconut cream were added at the end of the cooking process.

Bubur terigu

How to cook Bubur gandum?

biji gandum

soak wheat

1. Wash and rinse wheat pearls at least 3 times.
Soak them preferably overnight.

2. Drain off the water and give it another rinse before boiling.

soaked wheat

add water to wheat pearls

masak bubur gandum

3. Use a medium size saucepan, add soaked wheat pearls, water and pandan leaves.

4. Add water and bring to boil then let it simmer

soft cooked wheat pearls

add sugar

add salt to bubur gandum

add santan to bubur

5. Once the wheat pearls are soft, add sugar, coconut cream and salt.

6. Optional: add extra water if you prefer not to have very thick porridge.

bubur terigu manis

How to keep leftover Bubur Gandum?

Best keep any leftover bubur gandum in an air tight container in the fridge.

We are adding coconut milk to the bubur that may go bad if left outside at room temperature.

Other Malaysians favourite dessert

Bubur Cha-cha
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Video on How to make Bubur Gandum

Bubur Gandum also known as Bubur Terigu (Sweet wheat porridge) is a dessert well known in Malaysia and its neighbouring countries. Bubur gandum made from wheat pearl (whole wheat) is a rich, sweet creamy porridge with coconut milk, pandan flavoured, makes a wonderful dessert.

What was published on 18th March 2016

 is something that I miss from home....
Ironic... living in a country where wheat is one of the staples, yet I can't find polished wheat pearls in our local grocer.

I once, jumped with joy... thinking that I finally get to eat this childhood sweet treat, when I saw a packet labelled "Job's tear" (if I am not mistaken...) and there was 'Wheat' written somewhere on the packaging, at our local Asian grocer,

With failing eyesight, furthermore, its more than 12 years that I haven't seen wheat grain up close... thinking Job's tear could deliver... how wrong was I?
It turnout that Job's tear was just Barley :(.

It was months later that I found the 'real deal' :P from another Asian grocer, south of the river.

Bubur gandum/ Sweet wheat porridge is one of many Malaysians favourite afternoon delites. Its thick, its sweet and creamy.... and its addictive :P.

My husband and I, grew up with this kind of dessert, we savoured every spoonful, whereby the kids... were like... 'meh'

its ok ... more for us ;p


  1. Ooh I love this too. Looks yummy

    1. soon you’ll be able to enjoy Malaysian food :D

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing this recipe. I have been longing to cook and eat this but have no idea what it is called. May I know how the wheat pearls packaging or grains look like? I also got very confused when I tried searching for it as it looks like barley grains. So I'm not sure. Thanks in advance

  3. I am interested to know how the wheat pearls looks like too. I have never come across it before. Tq.
    Roseline Tchee

    1. Lisa, I try to Email but unable to do so. Is this your Email address: mykeuken{at}hotmail{dot}com? Sorry if I get it wrong. Plse assist, thank you so much.

    2. Hi Rose,
      That is the correct email add. I’ll try to upload the photos on this page soon.

    3. Hi Rose,
      Photo uploaded after recipe :D

    4. Thank you so much Lisa, will try to look for it.

  4. Hi Lisa, is this desert called bubur terigu too?

    1. Its the same... just that northern Malaysians (from Perlis, Kedah and Penang) called it bubur gandum :D


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