Apple Pear Lemongrass Icy Snow

September 12, 2015
Apple Pear Lemongrass Icy Snow: not quite sorbet and not quite granita either. Its soft as the fresh snow.

Apple Pear Lemongrass Icy Snow

Feels so good to catch up with old friends, its been 33 year since we left school.

I must say, without technology... we'll be still wondering what happened to this girl or that girl... everyone was kept busy after leaving school life; some got married, some pursue their career immediately after and some pursue their dreams...
Thanks to technology...we managed to re-kindle our friendship through social network like FB, WA and Telegram...

We have 33 years of stories to catch up :D...
We talked about lots of things, from teachers to friends to family to health... obviously ;P
Someone mentioned about making and drinking Granny Smith apples slices-lemongrass concoction that helps to alleviate knee pain... of course I am all ears when it comes to knee pain.

...but I had other ideas. Instead of just drinking apple and lemongrass ‘tea’, making it into sorbet would be interesting! At least I get to eat 2 fruits at the same time :P

Apple Pear Lemongrass Snowcone
it's not quite like the sorbet that I hope it’ll turn out, however, this one has a nice light texture, and very fine ice...just like soft fresh snow.

I didn’t add sugar as Bosc pear is sweet, but by all means, add sugar or glucose syrup if you wish.

In honesty, I only get to enjoy ‘the ONE’ icy snow in the cup after my photoshoot. I woke up to an empty container left in the sink... no more soft, fresh ‘apple pear lemongrass’ icy snow... all gone finished by my girl.

Apple Pear Lemongrass Snowcone