Chia Pudding with Coconut Milk

January 09, 2015
Creamy and tasty chia pudding with coconut milk.

Mango Chia Pudding

This is breakfast and this could be your dessert too...
Its healthy Mango Chia puddings... served with mangoes, and pistachio. Excellent dessert during  hot summer months

I first heard and ate Chia was... one of the local bakeries, baked their sandwich loaves with some chia in it...and that was 5 years ago. That one loaf of bread was quite costly, compared to others.
I bought a loaf, despite of the steep price...  to feed my curiosity ;P (and few times after that :D )

Then...this new craze
Chia puddings!!! saw many varieties of chia pudding in cute little pots sold in Woollies. Of course my curiosity was piqued by this sudden emergence of little pots at 'not so friendly to my purse' price :(

Chia pudding with mango

I found this recipe in one of those health magazines (can't remember the mag), I remember Jen Hawkins was promoting chia pudding with blueberries as the chosen fruits.

When I read that coconut milk was used to make chia puddings... almost immediately I think of mango!!! Coconut milk and mangoes are perfect pair together...just like match make in palate heaven.
Furthermore, mangoes are in season now... 99cents for humongous size mango :D

My first batch...of chia puddings, gone in a jiffy...
...wanting to try out just a few spoons, son ended up polishing the whole bowl of chia puddings and left none for his father...and still thinks it was sago pudding... *facepalm*

Chia Pudding


  1. Chia seeds are very expensive here... A lovely pudding!



  2. This recipe looks so simple to make and it contains only 4 ingredients but it is such a nourishing way of starting a good day!
    Love your way of combining ingredients, Lisa!

  3. I love this chia pudding! I regularly make them but never have made a mango flavoured version before though.. this is a must try recipe for me!

  4. Could I make this with almond milk instead? I really don't care for coconut milk. :)

    1. Hi Kecia,
      I have not tried with Almond milk, you can give it a go. Taste wise may be slightly different for almond milk and mango combo, but after saying that, you dont have to use mango, can always substitute other fruits that goes well with almond milk. I have read some bloggers use milo with chia :D