Sticky Date Pudding

October 03, 2014
Sticky date pudding with brown butter toffee sauce, is a pudding to die for.

Sticky Date pudding

Have you tried Sticky Date Pudding yet?

This sticky date pudding is one of the easiest and delicious desserts that I have ever baked!

If you love dates, you will love this pudding, trust me :).

Sticky Date pudding recipe

How to Make Sticky Date Pudding?

Printable recipe is at the end of the post.

 How to bake sticky date pudding
1. Soak dates in hot water and baking soda 

 Steps to make sticky date puds
2. Add dates, butter and sugar in a blender and blend till smooth.
Then add flour and eggs.

Pour sticky date pudding batter into a pre-prepared baking tray and bake!

How to Serve Sticky Date Pudding?

I love having my sticky date pudding with toffee sauce (recipe below).
Sprinkle some crushed pecan or roasted slivered almond and dollop of cream on the side.

It is the dessert that you will not mind having second helping.

Date sticky pudding

Can I re-heat Sticky Date Pudding?

Place a slice of sticky date pudding on a microwaveable saucer and microwave on high for 30 seconds (if the date pudding is still cold, do another 30 seconds burst in the microwave!)

How to store the leftover?

Sticky date pudding is best to consume within 3 days.

If you are not able to finish them, then place them in an airtight container and refrigerate.

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A quick Video on How To Bake Sticky Date Pudding

 Sticky Date pudding with delicious toffee sauce

Sticky date pudding with brown butter toffee sauce photo

What was written on 3rd October 2014

  Oh my!!! sticky date pudding!!! I have fallen in love...  ...with sticky date pudding with brown butter toffee sauce!

I have never liked dates since young. 
Those days (some 30-40 odd years ago), we would have dates once a year, during Ramadan. 
I have never liked them , as they were too overly sweet, dates were coated with syrup and dry.
I  didn't pay much attention to its country of origin :(
Much much later, years later.... traders started to bring in dates from Tunisia. Tunisian dates were much better  in quality, naturally sweet, moist and soft in texture. From then on, I craved for Tunisian dates every Ramadan. 
And in Perth, there is another type of dates on sale here all year round, its called Mejdool from sunny California, US. And these dates aren't cheap either :(. 
Due its ridiculous store pricing, I 'refused' to spend that much money on dates. ...but then, during the month of Ramadan, grocery stores will hold a special sale at halved their normal retail price. And when that happened, I'd buy the whole 2 1/2 kg  box home :D
I have been wanting to bake sticky date pudding for quite sometime, hesitated, as I can imagine how sweet it will turn out to be.
I have sweet tooth and I love... love all kind of sweet dessert.... but I can't take anything that is overly sweet... just a tad sweet that is all :D
I have tasted the store-bought sticky date pudding and it was .... :(


To cut long story short...

I plucked my courage and chose to go with Ms Donna Hay for my first sticky date pudding bake. Her recipe is easy to follow :D

 Sticky date pudding turned out was a hit with everyone :D
...and I am drooling and craving for another round of sticky date puddings as my fingers hitting the keyboards ;P


  1. That pudding looks ever so tempting! A devilish dessert.



  2. Nothing can beat a classic sticky date pudding.. and yours look absolutely so delicious. Definitely a recipe that I must try.. thanks for sharing it!

  3. This pudding looks so comforting and your shots are gorgeous!

  4. I wish I could have a small slice now. It looks SUPERB!

  5. I've seen a lot of desserts with dates, but to be honest, I don't know if I've tried any... I might have, but I don't remember well. Looking at this pudding, I really wish that I get to try it for the first time! :D Looks yummy!

  6. OMG Lisa, this date pudding looks delicious...and the pictures are so pretty...awesome!
    Enjoy your week :D