Raspberries and Chocolate Brown Betty

August 29, 2014
Brown Betty is a traditional American dessert made from fruit and sweetened crumbs.

Raspberries, Chocolate Brown Betty recipe

As I was sitting at the doctors' clinic (a couple of months ago), waiting for my turn to be called in.
I grabbed a few magazines, to kill time, usually, it takes about 30-45 minutes before my name was called, even though I was on time (always on time and sometimes ahead of time ), unfortunate for me.... the doctor was never on time

Raspberries, Chocolate Brown Betty

Whilst flipping through, spotted a few recipes I liked but was too embarrassed to ask for some papers at the reception, so I did what most people with smartphones do!!!
... take photos

Raspberries, Chocolate Brown Betty

I had never heard of brown Betty dessert before; raspberries, chocolate, and ice cream.... one word kept playing over and over again.... "Yummy...."

What is Brown Betty dessert?

A Brown Betty is a traditional American dessert made from fruit and sweetened crumbs. Similar to a cobbler or apple crisp, the fruit is baked and in this case, the sweetened crumbs are in layers between the fruit.

Raspberries, Chocolate Brown Betty

I made these babes twice

First round:  Dark chocolate Melt buttons were used and sprinkled with molasses (as per photo after the recipe ...below)
E complained of dark chocolate (she is not a fan of dark chocolate!!!) and H complained it's too dry!!!

Raspberries, Chocolate Brown Betty

Second round: Chopped dark chocolate for 3 of us and milk chocolate for hers. Sprinkled with raw sugar.
E was happy as I made hers with milk chocolate, but H, "Nah!!! I still don't like it" 
(he doesn't like Saviordi biscuits!!! period!!!)

Will I be making it again???
Yes... Brown Betty for THREE!!!

Raspberries, Chocolate Brown Betty

Raspberries, Chocolate Brown Betty


  1. You can't beat fresh raspberry desserts in the summer. And I've been there with taking photos of recipes too!

    1. Thanks Beth
      Unfortunate for me...fresh raspberries are pricey here :(

  2. Exquisite! This is a fabulous treat.



  3. I think this is good treat dessert and I love it with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream

  4. I just had foodgasm! This is heavenly!

  5. I somehow never think of pairing fruit and chocolate. This looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing!