Kiwi, Apple and Coconut Drink

December 06, 2013
Kiwi Apple

We often been told:
"Don't judge a book by its cover, dont judge a person by his/her look" 
and we try our best not to be judgemental but we are only human, human err and I confessed, I erred.

As a law abiding citizen, one has to fulfill one's duty when one is called to carry out jury duty.
My name was up, I had no reason and no way to escape but to get it over and done with.
With mix feeling (excitement and apprehension); I made my way.

In my head, I imagined that the court cases will be as exciting as my favourites; Good Wife or Law and Order, The Practice, Boston Legal or the once famous LA Law.
...but that can only happened in tv not reality. The reality is - courthouse was gloomy and cold (I think they purposely made the room cold).
After few rounds of "lucky" dip, my number was called and I became one of 14.
I took my oath and sat, and soon the defendant was seated in the dock. One glance towards the person and I am ashamed to admit that I judged him/her by the look, and I was not the only one....

Without going into details...let me end this post by saying, that it was an eye opener, an experience, a huge responsibility, a heavy weight was placed on my shoulders; a person's future was in the hand of 12 jurors (2 was voted out during deliberation).. but you can rest assured, we weren't judging the defendant by his/her appearances anymore, we listened to cross-examinations, scrutinized evidences made available to us, 'Beyond Reasonable Doubt' kept ringing in everyone's head ...


Kiwi- Apple and coconut drink, reminded me of my time spent in the jury room, one of the recipes I found while flipping one of many torn and tattered health magazines, waiting for court session to begin.

Dont judge this brilliant combination before trying it out... its full of health goodness (yeah...coming from health magazine!! of course)

Kiwi, Apple and Coconut Juice Drink

 Serve 4
 click here to print

6 kiwi fruits
4 green apples
500 ml coconut juice /coconut water
Sugar (optional)
Ice cubes (optional)
  1. Peel kiwi and apples. 
  2. Cored and cut up into chunks. 
  3. Add 1 cup of coconut juice into a blender and blend till smooth. 
  4. Divide the remaining coconut juice into 4x250ml glass. 
  5. Add the blended mix. 
  6. Serve with ice


  1. Just finished my morning yoga and this drink comes just in time!!

  2. A delightful and refreshing drink!



  3. Hi Lisa
    How wonderful that we got to enjoy this juice recipe from you if not you were waiting for the court session to begin. I am sure it must have been an eye opener and a great experiencing in the court as a juror. Good for you though yes I know it is a heavy responsibility.

    1. yeah... it was an experience, hope my name is lost somewhere in the system

  4. well, i guess you are right that we humans tend to be judgemental, times..very natural la although we know that is not right..hehe..

    this sounds like a nice drink!

  5. This looks so good and refreshing! Love recipes that use kiwi!

  6. Beautiful drink! I love that green :)

  7. It's true. I think everyone at times judge people based on looks alone. At least you realized it.
    Now this drink looks fantastic. But I won't judge it by its looks either..I guess I need to try it to make sure ;)

  8. Such a beautiful and delicious drink! Never had these combination in juice before and I'd love to try this flavor!

  9. I bet this tastes yummy. Thanks for the recipe. I've never used any of these fruits in a smoothie. I'm looking forward to giving it a try.