Green Tea Macarons

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Apple Fritters with Ice-Cream

Apple Fritters with Vanilla Ice-cream.

Decadent, more-ish, easy to cook  Apple Fritters with Vanilla Ice-cream.

Flu Tea


Herbal recipe of Flu tea is an excellent, using natural herbs and spice to combat cold and flu.
The ingredients used such as honey, lemon, garlic and ginger and chilli have natural healing effect
Thyme was added to help with respiratory.

Gomoku Yakisoba / Five Flavours Noodles


Yakisoba takes me back to my 'rat race' days... The days that I would be less domesticated... the days that we would often eat out or ordered take aways... the days that I piled on kilos sad...

Seasalt Chocolate Marshmallow Swirls

 Seasalt Chocolate Marshmallow swirls

Yay... Time to celebrate and do my boogie-woogie dance...  tongue... with Seasalt Chocolate Marshmallow swirls in hot chocolate in hand

Hakka Bamboo Dumplings/ Soon Pan


Have you tried or heard of Soon Pan (pronounced as soon pun) or Bamboo Dumplings?