Seasalt Chocolate Marshmallow Swirls

July 08, 2011
 Seasalt Chocolate Marshmallow swirls

Yay... Time to celebrate and do my boogie-woogie dance...  ... with Seasalt Chocolate Marshmallow swirls in hot chocolate in hand
Winter is here...
Cold nights and mornings... few days in a row, sent the thermometer dipping down to 1 degree Celcius... making the house feels like ONE BIG giant refrigerator.

The coldest part of the day ~ when the sun is about to rise... and that is the gorgeous time to capture the sunrise on camera... cold heavy air... everything basking in shimmering ... golden sunlight... 

Taken at 7.20 am ... in front of our house, as the sun emerge from the horizon...
Hmm... I wonder how King's Park would look like around this time... nah!!! I will not entertain the idea for the moment... prefer my warm comfy bed... on cold mornings...

And winter is the time to indulge in little pleasures in life....

Hot Chocolate....
Seasalt Chocolate Marshmallow swirls in hot chocolate

Winter and Hot Chocolate is like marriage made in Heaven... top with marshmallows.... and observe the marshmallow oozes....oooh Heavenly...

It was fun making marshmallows... not that difficult either.... be warn .... it is a very... very... STICKY business.
I had to resort to Rachel Allen's cornflour and icing sugar mix to reduce 'sticky-ness' when handling...
Kids were so impatient... wanting to try homemade marshmallows.... keep checking every now and then ~ 'Is it done yet?' ... and 'Can we eat now?'.

 Seasalt Chocolate Marshmallow swirls
After leaving the tray to set overnight....
my homemade
I have another good news to share...
drum roll.......please...

I am the second place winner for 'Does My Blog Looks Good In This' or abbreviated to DMBLGIT for the month of June 2011.... hop over to Charline's Cuisine to view other winners too...

and this is the badge that I will proudly display on the side bar....

Seasalt Chocolate Marsmallow Swirls
Recipe (adapted from Donna Hay-issue 57 and Rachel Allen's)


1 1/2 tablespoon gelatine

125ml water

385g caster sugar

160ml light corn syrup

60ml water
50g Lindt Seasalt Dark Chocolate - melted 

  1. Mix the gelatine and 125ml water in the mixing bowl. Stir to combine and leave it for at least 10 minutes.
  2. Add sugar, 60ml water and light corn syrup in a heavy base saucepan over high heat. Keep stirring until sugar dissolve.
  3. Start and keep the mixer running on low.
  4. Place sugar thermometer and bring to boil and cook until the temperature reaches 120C.
  5. Gently pour the syrup to the gelatine mixture.
  6. Increase the speed and whisk for about 5 minutes or until the mixture is light, fluffy, meringue like.
  7. When the mixture starts to cool, pour into a 20cm by 20cm baking tray, lined with non-stick baking paper.  
  8. Top with melted dark chocolate and use a skewer to make swirls...
  9. Cover with plastic wrap and leave it to cool at room temperature for at least 5 hours or until set.
  10. Dust the knife with cornflour mixture and cut into squares. 
  11. And dust your fingers with cornflour to coat the sides of marshmallow (it is a very sticky business!!)
Enjoy with a cup of Hot Chocolate....


  1. Summer is at it's peak here but the Marshmallow swrils looks so gorgeous that I wish to dive into the cup straight away. The early morning click looks so serene .....

    Congratulations for the award

  2. Wonderful marshmallows and awesome clicks! Here, it is summer.

    Congrats on the well-deserved award.



  3. heavenly chocolate drink, slurp.....
    I loves the photo taken in front of your house, beautiful morning.

  4. I is salivating Lisa!

    Even though the weather here is so darn hot nowww... HAHA!! It's irresistible lahhh..

  5. Congratulations Lisa!
    I just made marshmallow the other day, it was real sticky and very chewy too. :)
    Have a great weekend :)

  6. My mother-in-law used to make home-made marshmallows every year for Easter....flavored...and altho' I thought it was a lot of work for her to go through---we ENJOYED those little treats so much--and the flavor--oh dear!!! Anyway, I wanted to share a little tidbit of an idea....try HimalaSalt pink salt from Sustainable Sourcing (here's their website: ) for even BETTER flavor! The pink color is too cute for words...and WITH CHOCOLATE, oh my!! Thank you for a lovely blog post--I very much enjoyed it.

  7. Satrupa
    Thank you...
    Ooh... summer will soon be over :)

  8. Rosa
    Thanks Rosa... I loved Swiss summer... nothing like Oz summer :)

  9. Amelia
    I love mornings when the sun is on the horizon... ;)

  10. Sherie
    Alahai... tak apa, nanti I email you OK ;)

  11. Anncoo
    Thanks Ann
    These marshies were not chewy but sticky... It is soft... :D

  12. Congratulations on the win Lisa..that picture was indeed gorgeous..You live in heaven or what..thats a beautiful capture..marshmallow & chocolate - YUM!

  13. Great shots! I really love the first photo ;-)
    A hot chocolate drink with marshmallow really warms you up in those ice cold days!

  14. Congrats on the win, Lisa! So happy for you. Your marshmallow look! Love the picture. Thanks very much for sharing.

  15. Yup, it has been really cold. My fingers were frozen, my ears were crispy and my little nose was wet but I'm loving it.

    I love my winter. Sejuk macamana pun I try to tahan. Much better than sticky hot. I just don't have the body to wear my itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dots bikini everywhere....

  16. Looks beautiful! I've been wanting to make marshmallows for ages, these look gorgeous. Congrats on the DMBLGIT :)

  17. Tanvi
    hahaha... close to but not yet there ~ heaven I mean ;)
    Thanks Dear

  18. Angie
    my 'free~ever so willing' model ;)
    Thank you Angie :)...

  19. MaryMoh
    Its a pleasure to share good things...:)

  20. Flower
    Sama with me... I just love winter.
    hahaha... love your last sentence... never has the BOD for anything close to the itsy bitsy, not even sleeveless blouse... ;)

  21. Poires au Chocolat
    Thank you :)

  22. Deb
    Thank you for the suggestion... will see whether I could find the salt locally... :D

  23. Congratulations on the win! You totally deserve it :-)
    Although we are having some warm summer days here but this marshmallowy goodness can brighten up any evening!

  24. ohhhh my goodness, you had me at 'lidnt'! Lindt is like my chocolate Achilles heel, i just cant resist it and on homemade marshmallows! Yum! Saved and hoepfully going to be made sooner rather than later :)

  25. this looks so lovely and so professional! thanks for sharing!

  26. Congrats and wow, this recipe sounds amazing. New follower, love your blog and can't wait read more :)

  27. These marshmallows sounds like a perfect twist to add to a classic: S'mores! A little salt makes everything better. Can't wait to try it at my next cookout!

    The Dinner Belle for

  28. Congrats on the win! The green awards looks VERY nice on your site.
    Its odd to think its winter for you, while its the middle of summer here in the Northern hemisphere. Still, it's cold today, and drizzling this morning...

  29. Procrastobaker
    We love anything Lindt and CoteD'or too... :)

  30. Mommyof2girlz
    Thank you for being my no 100 followers... :D

  31. Kimberlybelle
    I wanted to know more about s'mores... perhaps I could wait for your post :)

  32. Indie.Tea
    Thank you dear :D
    It feels kind of 'odd'... when you are used to the idea of winter in Dec... ;)

  33. Congratulations on winning DMBLGIT , and looking at those great clicks of the Marshmallow Hot chocolate, it is not suprising!

  34. First of all, these marshmallows look freakin' awesome! Wonderful job!

    And, yes, this is one very good looking blog. ;-) Congrats!

  35. A thought For Food
    Thank you... :)

  36. ur hot choc, make me terliur je...huhuhu...

  37. Hot chocolate is definitely the perfect winter treat. I am totally envious of the cold weather you're enjoying. In my part of the world, it's the middle of the hottest days of summer. But still, it's so cool to read about someone else enjoying the opposite seasons. Have fun and stay warm! :D

  38. Koci
    Summer will soon be over for your part of the world... enjoy the sunshine :D

  39. sounds good, but could you specify measurements in spoons, ounces or cup?