Off Track # 5 ~ Siem Reap

January 18, 2011
Happy New Year ..everyone...I am back from my long leave...

On the 8th January 2011, we finally stepped foot in Siem Reap...

It's H's dream to visit Angkor Wat... eversince we met... some 2 decades ago.
Those days... to make the trip to Cambodia was not recommended due to few factors, as well as our own economic situation, did not warrant us to explore the region...

Day 1

We arrived around 8am, and we headed straight to Prince D'Angkor ... unfortunately we were too early for them... rather than wait for the rooms, we went exploring...

Siem Reap reminded us of Malaysia in the 70's, where motorbikes and bicycles... making their way through the city, weaving in and out of traffic and pedestrians...

 This reminds me...of the old China Town in Kedah where I grew up...

After a good rest... (it was an early flight...), plus kids were hungry (and us), we went to Pub Street for some Khmer food... then off to night market..


Day 2

We planned to visit smaller temples ~ Pre Rup, Banteay Srei, Ta Som and Neak Pean Temples (the rest of the temples photos will be uploaded in my Facebook) and the carvings on the riverbed at Phnom Kbal Spean, which is about 49km from Siem Reap

The photo above was taken at Phnom Kbal Spean... it was worth every step we made, every rocks that we climbed... We had to track dirt road on foot about 1.5km (one way) to see the carvings...
Makes me wonder... how people in those days went up there, carved the rocks on the riverbed (then after the water blessed the carvings)... bring it down again... a lot of hard work!!


Day 3

The day to visit BIG temples ~ Angkor Wat, Ta Phrom, Bayon and climbed up Phnom Bakheng to view the sunset over Siem Reap.

View from the highest Tower
Lara Croft Tomb Raider was filmed here...
Little Children at Ta Phrom... waiting for empty plastic bottles..
Leemei's (My Cooking Hut)  wrote about Siem Reap and Cambodian children... so we flew to Siem Reap, with bags full of colouring books, colour pencils, pencils and lollies. We express our interest to our Tour Driver, Phon, that we wish to visit an orphanage centre.
The children were happy to see us... they performed some traditional dance and sang us songs...

Kids distributing lollies to these delightful children...

We ended our Day 3 by climbing steep steps of Phnom Bakheng to view Siem Reap during the Golden Hour...

Day 4

We headed towards Lake Tonle Sap to view Cambodia Floating Village... then to silk farm and craftworks...

Silk Factory ~ weaving silk scarf

Young Cambodian at work...

We wrapped up our Day 4, soaking in the sunset over Angkor Wat...


Day 5

The kids had enough of climbing up and down the steps of the temples and doing the touristy bit...
Day 5 is 'Free and Easy'...for us to do some serious shopping... (well.. we did not seriously shop.. really).

After breakfast at the hotel... we strolled down to Old Market, just to watch the Cambodians in their daily lives... 
Locals ~ buying and selling...
Our tour driver kept telling us that we must not go home without watching the Apsara Dance (Khmer traditional dance). Our last night in Siem Reap, we went to Koulen Restaurant for buffet dinner as well as to watch Apsara Dance... they were really mesmerising... and simply beautiful...


We said our Farewell to Siem Reap... on the 13th January 2011.

We had a good time in Siem Reap... especially H who started his Big 5 Zero year... visiting Angkor Wat ... fulfilling one of his 'Places to Visit'..

Dont miss my next post.... I have 3 souvenirs to give away to my 3 lucky readers anywhere in the world   

I'll end my holiday post with the photo of monks soaking in the scenery at Pre Rup... Photos from Siem Reap will be incomplete if photos of monks in bright orange garment is not taken ... 


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Breathtaking photos, you have brought back me memories in Siem Reap! Need to check out photos on your FB too!
    I have missed Aspara and the floating village! And hey, great job that you have give some items at the orphanage :) if I get to go to Siem Reap again, I will bring something ;)!!

  2. Lisa,
    Great Photos! Jeles I! Glad you had a great holiday...must put in more money into the tabung ayam....:((BTW, add me on FB if u don't mind....senang gurau.look for yati harvey

  3. Leemei,
    We had a great time there... love bargaining... even out tuk-tuk ride :D

  4. oops... meant to type ~ 'our' tuk-tuk ride

  5. Kak Yati,
    Thank you... US$3/day for 365 days may be able to take you there :D.. taking AirAsia from KL... including hotel... and worry not... Cambodian trade in US dollar :)
    (I've sent invite oledi ;))

  6. Welcome back! What a beautiful post and great photos..Thank you so much for sharing.
    I wish you and your family a very happy and healthy new year!

  7. Beautiful clicks and thanks for sharing your beautiful journey with us....

  8. Dimah,
    Its good to be home... after 2 weeks living in and out of suitcases.

  9. Treat and Tricks,
    Thank you... and I do hope you enjoyed looking at the pics(more photos were uploaded in my FB... look for Lisa Lemony Kitchen) :D

  10. Lisa, beautiful pictures, esp. the sunset over Angkor Wat one...beautiful.

  11. Beautiful clicks! Thanks for a great post.

  12. Hi Lisa, welcome back and thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures with us. I hope I am able to go there one day :)

  13. ICook4Fun,
    Thank you, Gert. I am sure you will enjoy the place and the people